46th Issue | May, 2021


Guiding Needle Acupuncture has the following mission: “To elevate the consciousness, robust health and vitality of humanity.”


Tendons are fibrous cordlike tissue structures connecting muscles to bones in joint locations. The tendons empower one to utilize one’s will to direct the exertion of muscular strength. When muscles contract, the tendons transmit the force of muscle contraction through the skeletal system. Tendons allow human movement and biomechanical stabilization.

Repetitive activity, overexertion, overuse of joints, and physical trauma often leads to tearing within a tendon resulting in inflammation, pain, swelling and weakness. This tearing is called tendonitis. A tendon tear of greater severity is referred to as a tendon rupture, which may require surgery for proper rehabilitation. Inflammation of the sheath that surrounding tendons called tenosynovitis often occurs simultaneously with tendonitis, which aggravates the duration of recovery time and severity of the discomfort.

Tendonitis usually takes a longer duration of time to recover than muscle strain since tendons receive less blood circulation than muscles. When blood circulation is improved with complimenting therapies such as acupuncture, and fire cupping, the transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the injured tendon is optimized and healing time is reduced, the muscles are relaxed and the blood flow is enhanced.

Acupuncture initiates a healing response by sending signals through the peripheral and central nervous system. Enhancing the release of the body’s own biochemical molecules to reduce inflammation, dilate blood vessels, improve circulation of oxygen, vital energy and nutrient filled blood into the injured area.

Eating nutritious foods with natural anti-inflammatory properties such as: shiitake mushroom, kombu (kelp), green tea, papaya, blueberry, broccoli, sweet potato, extra virgin olive oil and others can also improve blood circulation and recovery.

You are one click away from natural, safe, effective, drug-free alternatives.

Enjoy the convenience of reserving/scheduling acupuncture and fire cupping appointments online in real-time, 24/7


Upgrade your robust health program - May 2021 acupuncture special

• Pre-paid packages offer discounts and flexibility for patients who expect to visit 1-2 times or more per week.

• Save time: avoid the hassle of waiting in line and making 5 individual payments; when you have the option of making a one time payment plan per package.

• Enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments online in real-time, 24/7

Service expiration: Pre paid package of 5 (45 min) acupuncture services to be used before Dec 31, 2021 expiration date.


Enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments online in real-time, 24/7

The Guiding Needle Acupuncture wellness process is designed to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. First time patients, begin by conveniently scheduling a comprehensive initial acupuncture assessment/treatment online. 

At your FREE initial 60 minute comprehensive acupuncture assessment, you meet one-on-one with Thomas to discuss your case in a no-pressure environment. This gives you the opportunity to see if Thomas' services are an ideal fit for you, and Thomas will have the opportunity to determine his ability to help your unique case.

An acupuncture treatment fee of $90 applies for treatment following this free initial 60 minute acupuncture assessment.

Thank you for choosing Guiding Needle Acupuncture as your provider of quality traditional Chinese medicine. I choose to be of great service to you, your family and friends now and for future years to come. May the blessings be!

Thomas Nerbas R.Ac, PFT

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The More Detox formula shown below is power-packed with healing and cleansing ingredients. It helps to control acid dependent health conditions, allowing sustainable alkalization in the body. It delivers bioavailable plant minerals to nourish the body, basically feeding the 71+/- trillion cells that make up our tissues and organs. And it helps to “clean house” and detoxify the entire body from head to toe.

Keep up and be kept up. Whatever it takes, give yourself the love and respect you deserve and you will be rewarded with a long, robust healthy life. I highly recommend giving yourself quality nutrition, sterilized bioavailable mineralized water, deep breathing and a positive attitude of gratitude.

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