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"As the year is drawing to an end, I want to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a fabulous and joyous close of play (better than holidays season no?).  You have rocked up day in day out to help us get there to a very strong position although it wasn’t an easy year.

‍Another year of transition, the third one in a row…Another challenging year and equally exhilarating. We are getting world-class at transitioning! :)

‍Our third product didn’t work out and we were stretched too thinly to make it work anyway. After BrokerFabrik, CryptoFabrik, we have now XPI joining the ranks. Three years, three failures, the cycle is complete as our elders would say :”things come in three”…

‍We are not a tanker with hundreds or thousands of staff so these three failures haven’t destroyed us yet and Nietsche would be happy to know that they made us stronger as a team, as a company.‍

They have informed our design and strategy around our fourth (and hopefully final) product, CrossPool. Your efforts haven’t been wasted: their features will be useful as we grow our company and add to our differentiation.

‍Whilst the version 1 was only complete early Q4, all the outreach we did in the year paid to get CrossPool noticed: institutions have replaced those who merely wanted to tokenise their assets.

We have some big names in the pipeline…" wrote Alex to his finfabulous team, read on his yearly christmas letter on this link:  https://www.finfabrik.com/articles/a-year-of-building-and-rebuilding


Warm welcome

Our new advisor Luc Froehlich

Over an interview, we asked Luc's view of digital assets. He said, "Digital assets are a natural yet overdue evolution of traditional instruments. Most financial markets harbour significant, unnecessary and costly frictions. Digital assets and their infrastructure can solve those issues and hence deliver a better outcome for end-investors. But it is not only about reducing costs, it is also about increasing value. Tokenisation will provide a broader range of investors with access to currently still artificially restricted asset classes."

Link to full interview

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Have a holly jolly holiday. Recharge and Reset. See you all in 2020!


Your FinFabulous team.



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