A few months back, I made a mistake with a client.

They needed a software recommendation, I proposed a tool I've had experience with but it turned out the solution had gone downhill since the last time I used it.

We were in the early stages of the integration and we hadn't wasted a ton of time. But they had planned their budget based on that tool.

So I decided to make an investment.

I proposed a new, more high-end solution to the client that would more than satisfy their needs. And I also proposed to cover the difference between the two tools for a year. We'll probably end our work together way earlier than that but it doesn't matter. It's an investment.

I'm investing in trust. I'm investing in my reputation. I'm showing that I'm owning up to the mistakes that are my fault. I'm investing in the client being happy and recommending me to others. I'm investing in their peace of mind – which is my key success indicator.

And I hope you'd agree – a few hundred euro investment in this is a small price to pay.

This isn't something applicable only to B2B services. Customer-facing businesses should invest, too. It's an investment worth making.

How do you invest in your clients?

Be investment-savvy,

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Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This great series of letters read by amazing actresses — As a writer and communicator, I'm constantly fascinated by the art of the written word. And nowhere is it greater than in personal letters. This is a live reading of remarkable letters written and read by great women.
  • This great piece of content by a women's razor brand — Billie first made waves a few years ago when it created an ad for women's razors that actually included... body hair! Yeah, sad that this was groundbreaking but still. Now Billie launched a new no-product ad (which is essentially a piece of content) that talks about the essence of women. It's an interesting evolution of their brand communication.

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