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It's been a busy week. On Monday I published Helix Genesis in eBook format and this morning (Friday) I pressed the button to publish the paperback version, having received the final cover design late last night.

It's been something of an odyssey as I mentioned in one of my social media posts which you can see below. BTW if you want to follow me on social media - the links are at the bottom of this email. This post caught me out as Amazon say to allow 72 hours before the book is live, but it was up and ready after about 72 minutes! I'm not complaining though.

So, once the eBook was live, I started posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and researching other outlets to raise awareness. I've set up a bunch of paid promos on various lists over the next couple of weeks which hopefully deliver some sales - fingers crossed. The promo price is £0.99 or €0.99 or $0.99 depending on where you are.

Today has been mainly about getting the paperback out. I'm expecting this to be a little nearer the 72 hours Amazon advise as they need to do a physical check on the printed book. I've prepped my social media posts for this so they'll be quick to post as soon as it is definitely live. After that, I'll be ordering my author copies. These are charged at the cost of printing plus postage, but otherwise, are exactly the same as the full-price version. You can see the cover art below.

I'm also hoping to release an audio version but this is quite involved and beyond my technical purview, plus I can't stand the sound of my own voice so I certainly won't be inflicting that on the world!

I've kicked the process off by creating a project on ACX that involves loading up three pages of the manuscript and specifying what kind of voice you want to narrate the book. After that, it's a case of waiting for a producer to pick it up and get in touch. I'm guessing I might have to wait a while until I've built up some eBook and Paperback sales and garnered a few reviews. We live in hope.

So, that's about it for now. I'm going to take a bit of break over Christmas, apart from tinkering with marketing. I'm waiting for another manuscript to come back from editorial review for my next book.  It's not another Nathan Helix Thriller, but something different. I'll reveal more in another email. That said, I'm hoping it will be out in Q1 of next year. Then it will be time for more Helix.

Thanks for your continued support.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Until next time.

All the best.


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