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Welcome to the CX by Design Ideas newsletter, a monthly mailing from Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis, with a focus on sharing human-centered ideas for business. A massive THANK YOU to each of you for being here!


Los Angeles, Monday, December 2, 2019

We are in the homestretch of 2019. Are you feeling those holiday vibes yet? 

We're planning a lot of great HCD (human-centered design) content for you in 2020. We've got everything from deep dives into the various tools you can use in your business TODAY, to ways technology can support your HCD efforts. 

In the meantime, we've been noticing a lot of new customer experience data coming out...and most of it is pointing to lackluster results. Companies are still failing to meet customer expectations, and executives remain dissatisfied with innovation efforts. 

One possible reason is that "innovation" is sometimes translated as the need for new technology. But, technology won't help you one bit if your business model is broken or your processes are not human-centered.

Realize the importance of people, and innovation will follow. 

Read on to dive into the details. And, as always, come to us with any questions, theories, or thoughts you have.

We're here for you. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

See you in 2020. 

Diana Sonis
Founding Partner

CX by Design: The Numbers
CX Survey: Customer Experience

A recent survey shows 90% of brands are still failing, in a big way, to meet CX expectations.

“We still have too many so-called customer experience initiatives that are driven by IT systems that in fact make things that should be easy, more complex. In most cases such systems place the onus on the customer to conform to the way the company wants to run its internal operations.”

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Human-Centered Innovation: Find Your Way Out Of The Proof-Of-Concept Trap

Only 22% of large organizations are successfully scaling digital innovation proof of concepts to drive growth.

As innovation processes and strategies continue to mature, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of people. But with the human-centered approach to innovation, “people” no longer mean “users” alone.

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Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation

According to a McKinsey survey, 94% of executives are dissatisfied with their firms’ innovation performance...Why?

We believe that it’s because they’ve failed to address a huge underlying obstacle: the day-to-day routines and rituals that stifle innovation.

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