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Weekly Newsletter
June 12, 2020

Examining Your Life

We can rejoice too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.  Romans 5: 3-4

The folks in the early church needed a lot of encouragement as they navigated what it meant to be a followers of the Risen Christ.  We know that they struggled both with each other and with the outside world that did not understand or condone their new found faith.  But Paul's message was one of hope because even in the hardest of times, our call is to trust that God is with us and that Jesus died that we might have a better, more faith filled life.  And that we are forgiven and reconciled back to God because of what Christ has done for us even when we didn't deserve it!  Even when we failed and even when we will fail in the future.  This is not something that is a one time deal but a lifelong journey and thank God for that everlasting chance to turn back to God when we turn away.  We, like those in the early church, struggle to do what is right and good and gracious and we fall as often as we don't but God lifts us up in Christ Jesus, saying... you are my beloved. Be confident in me.  Place your hope and trust in me!  So whatever you are facing in your life right now, whatever doubt or fear or trial, remember, God is  here with you and will see you through. Amen.

    Join us for public worship on Sunday, June 14. We encourage the use of masks and hand sanitizer and you will be asked to stagger your seating for social distance. We look forward to seeing you. We will continue to live stream.
    Volunteers Needed This Summer as Counters and Slide Show Operators. Please see Pastor Cindy if you are interested.

    Be part of our Online Worship

    As we work toward upgrading and continuing our online presence, we will be in need of volunteers to help out.  Our new staff person will be there 3 weekends a month, so we will need a volunteer to run the camera once Sunday a month. We may also need a volunteer to run the slide show each Sunday as we figure out how to navigate all we have to do each week.  This position would be a matter of following the order of worship and pushing the button to change slide.  The slide creation will be the job of the staff.  If you have any interest in being trained and helping in either area, please talk to Pastor Cindy.  

    Join us for Ongoing Pentecost Worship

    This Sunday,  join us by clicking below:

    and it will take you to our page.   When it asks you to sign in just X out or say NOT NOW and you can scroll down and find the video, which should be near the top of the page. If you have any announcements or prayers, please email to Pastor CIndy at or text her at 903-213-3796. .  Below is the Order of Worship: 

    Prelude –

    Gathering Hymn: This is the Day 657

    Call to Worship:

    One: The Holy Spirit has given us life and pours on us the power to become new people!

    All: The winds of the Spirit have given us breath and the fire of the Spirit has kindled in us a love for God and for each other.

    One: Come here in faithfulness and be ready for surprises that God’s Spirit brings.

    All: We open our lives to the presence of God and trust God’s promise to us that we can live new lives of freedom and grace. May God help us to be true people of Spirit, letting Holy surprises fill our days!

    Hymn: To God Be the Glory #98

    Joys and Concerns

    Pastoral Prayer

    Lord’s Prayer

    Hymn: Be Still My Soul # 534

    Prayers of the People:

    Holy Spirit of God, move among us and free us to love and serve you and all people. Refresh our spirits, that we may not be weary in seeking your ways. Whisper to us in a still, small voice; show us what you have for us to do. Guide us to others with whom we may share the labors of peace, justice and healing, through the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen. .


    Doxology #94 (words on screen)

    Scripture Reading: Romans 5: 1-11

    Children’s Time: This is Where Children belong

    Anthem: Living Hope by Joseph Martin

    Sermon: Living our Lives in Christ

    Hymn: Standing on the Promises #374

    * Benediction:

    Send us forth in our Spirit, O God, and renew the face of the earth. Dwell among us, even though your presence will startle and unsettle us. Grant us your peace, we pray, as justice and love pour down upon the yearning earth. Amen.

    Sending Forth: Send Forth By God’s Blessing 664, vs.

    We will continue welcoming donations mailed to PO Box 492, Pilot Point, Tx 76258
    Online Donations Now Available

    If you would like to make a contribution to any of our special projects:  Floors, window or online streaming equipment, please note that on your contribution form or check.  Many thanks for supporting the ministry and mission of the Pilot Point First United Methodist Church

    Trustee Update:  Insurance is on the move!  The company working on our repairs and replacement will have a full report ready for us by our June 17 Church Council meeting,  The overall picture is that once repairs are made outside to prevent further water damage (which will be a church expense) the insurance will cover the repair of the wall along the outside corridor in front of the bathrooms, replacing the floor in the narthex, fellowship hall, kitchen and youth room. We will have to pay a $2500 deductable.  There will also be some staining and painting that will need to be done.  The company doing the work will consult with us about all materials being used.  Trustees will be the main point place of that work but if you would like to be involved, please watch the newsletter for how we can do that in this odd and wonderful time.  

      Personal Retreat Day Scheduled for June 23, 9-1.

      We will be hosting a personal retreat day for the first 13 people to register on June 23, from 9-1 at the Ambrose home.  We need to limit the number of participants due to space limitations.  We will be order a box lunch from Mom's in Aubrey as well so if you would like to attend, please be sure and RSVP.  If we have more interest, we will look at doing another retreat in July and August if needed to accommodate all women that are intereQuestions or to sign up, contact Bonnie Ambrose at or call at 214-435-5999sted.  

      Canned Food Drive or Monetary donations continue to be needed. You can deliver to the Shepherd's Storehouse Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8 am and 12 pm

      Weekly Scriptures Pentecost

      June 14:  Romans 5: 1-11

      June 21:  Romans 6: 1-11

      June 28:  Romans 6: 12-23

      June Birthdays

      June 1 - Dick Ness

      June 5 - Sylvia Rusell

      June 10 - Olivia Evans

      June 11 - Dorothy Davis

      June 11:  David Adams

      June 16:  Ken Vawter                       June 17:  Maralee Rush

      June 21:  Phillip Singleton              June 27:  Ed Wiley

      Prayers We ask that you spend a few minutes each day in prayer for all those you know of that need strength and help.

      Prayers of Joy for the Ness's and Edland's anniversary, Dorothy Davis and Olivia Evan's birthday, Kelly Crow on her new job, Conner and Kara on their upcoming wedding at home, Wesley and Virginia Slater on their recent wedding at home, Cannon's new sister, Layla and coming back together as a worship community and Roy finally saying "Have a Great Sunday"

      Prayers of concern for Joann Blocker and her mother as her mother has another surgery; for Marty Napier

      Note:  Our prayer group keeps a list of all prayers brought to the church's attention. So, although the entire list does not appear in this newsletter, once prayers are listed here, those prayers are continued with our prayer group.  So please keep those folks in our prayers as they pray for us:  Marilyn Self, Patsy Holstein, Sharon Flannery, Lee Millikin, Janie Elmore and Pastor Cindy.  If you would be interested in joining us, please contact Pastor Cindy for how to do that.  

      Around Pilot Point FUMC
      • Youth Ministry Calendar - Click Here
      • Choir Practice - Tuesdays at 7 pm, Sundays at 9 am
      • Worship Committee, TBA
      • Finance Committee, TBA
      • Church Council, Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm
      • SPRC, Wednesday, July 8, 7 pm
      • Prayer Group -  Wednesday, June 17, 10 am 
      • Super SeniorsWatch your email for next meeting time. 
      • Yoga,  Watch for next meeting time.  
      Any Announcement or Prayers to Share?

      If you have any announcement you want to share, please send it to our church ( or
      For confidential prayer request or if you would like a call from the pastor, you can send it directly to Pastor Cindy Kennedy at (

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