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Happy March!

February Was A Snowy Month

So, you all know I live in Seattle, and that snow is an Event here. Well, we were snowbound for several days (without power for over 27 hours here) thanks to a freak February. That's right, we had over a foot of snow in our yard, and couldn't get out of our driveway. We didn't own a snow shovel and couldn't even get to our car till my niece braved getting stuck by coming over to shovel us out, bless her heart. Anyway, we still have a little snow in our yard, we had the coldest month on record for 28 years, and more snow than since the big storm of 2012. It was pretty, but I'm really looking forward to spring!

So this month, I'm going to tell you about a couple freebies I have for you, and also about one of my fave buddies who also happens to be an author. She just had a new release come out that I think some of you would love! 


The Hallowed Hunt

Remember, the HALLOWED HUNT is out now!  Find out why NYT Bestselling Author Michelle Pillow says, "The Hallowed Hunt is a darkly magical addition to a bewitching new series filled with action, intrigue, and mystical characters. Yasmine Galenorn has long proven herself a queen when it comes to Urban Fantasy, and the Wild Hunt series is no exception. I am totally hooked." 


And preorder THE SILVER MIST--book 6--now!


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Bewitching Bedlam

If you haven't read my Bewitching Bedlam Series yet, here's your chance to try the first book for free!


Whoever thought the innkeeper game could be so deadly?

Maddy Gallowglass, a fun loving witch who was once the terror of vampires all over Europe, has retired her stake and moved into the present day. But even with the comfort of good wine and her best friend, Sandy, she isn't prepared for life as an innkeeper. First, the old mansion came complete with resident ghost--one Franny Smythe. And second, Maudlin never expects to meet Aegis, a vampire rockstar (or rockstar wannabe) who stirs her passions in a way she thought was long past. As they work to mesh their lives together, and to open the Bewitching Bedlam to their guests, they find that the little community of Bedlam holds far more mayhem--and murder--than they ever expected. WARNING: HOT VAMPIRE NOOKIE! (Not a cozy series)! Try the first book--BEWITCHING BEDLAM--for free!

Night Myst


Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they imagined. Now Myst, the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court, has enough power to begin a long prophesied supernatural war. And Cicely Waters, a witch who can control the wind, may be the only one who can stop her-and save her beloved Fae prince from the Queen's enslavement.

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Yasmine Recommends!

My friend Michelle has a new book out! I was happy to give it an endorsement! 

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“Filled with intrigue and adventure, Dragon Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel is an exciting new spinoff in a rich and intricate universe. Michelle Pillow creates characters to cheer for, to hope with, while building worlds that are portals for the imagination. Truly, Ms. Pillow is a master of futuristic fantasy.”  

NY Times, Publishers Weekly , & USA TODAY Bestseller Yasmine Galenorn

With all that is happening in his land, the upcoming shifter mating ceremony is the least of Grier’s concerns. Even though he is heir prince of the dragon-shifters, he doesn’t have the authority needed to help the humans stranded in dragon territory, nor can he banish those who ruthlessly control them. Yet honor demands he finds an opportunity to intervene, and he hopes that doing so won’t start a war the shifters can’t win. Discovering his destined mate couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Salena knows what it is like to be a pawn of the Federation. They might have kidnapped her and brought her to this strange territory, but she will never do what they want of her… what everyone wants of her. The last thing the fugitive needs is the very public attention of a fierce dragon prince claiming they’re fated by the gods—even if the sexy man makes her burn in more ways than one.

That's it for now, peeps! I have a surprise coming up mid-month, so will talk to you then! Look for my next newsletter around the Ides of March!

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