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Weekly Newsletter #2020.13

Hi diego,

If you are staying at home during the Coronavirus lockdown and you have some free time, you can utilize it for learning Linux.

You may refer to this list of free Linux-related online courses and free Linux eBooks.

If you are not interested in following a complete course and just want some quick learning on various topics, I have a huge list of such explainer articles in this newsletter:

Most of the above topics are in-depth and have taken days to write them. I hope you like them and if you do, please share them on the social media platforms and forums you frequent. That helps It's FOSS a lot :)

Now, let's see what's new this week.

KDE has announced a new Linux-based operating system so that you can use your regular TV as a smart TV.

In order to fight Coronavirus, SUSE Linux is offering free support to medical device manufacturers.

IEEE has launched an open source collaboration platform.

Oracle has announced Java 14 and we have a PPA for installing it on Ubuntu-based distributions.

Open source software highlight of this week is Rambox. You can use several messaging service from interface with Rambox.

A quick tip on checking graphics card in Linux. and installing Microsoft TrueType fonts in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 20.04 will be released later this year. You have already seen the desktop tour video last week.

For those who cannot wait, I have demonstrated the steps to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 in this video. Please read this article before you go on upgrading.

Too much to read? Enjoy learning Linux :)

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You can use the last argument of the previous commands with alt+ . (dot) keyboard shortcut.

Hold alt and then press . repeatedly to cycle through previous arguments.

GNOME codenames its releases based on the last place the GNOME and GNOME Asia summit took place.

Now you know that GNOME 3.36 is codenamed Gresik after the Indonesian city that hosted the last GNOME Asia summit.

10:21 AM - Mar 28, 2020

And you cannot even shut it down

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