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It's almost amazing how the words we use can prompt emotions. Here is a classic example:

A blind man was sitting in a public square with an empty can of pencils and a cardboard sign that read, "I'm blind. Please help."

A young woman walked by and changed the words on his cardboard sign.

Many coins were soon heard being dropped into the blind man's pencil can.

The young woman had changed the blind man's sign to read: "It's a beautiful day and I can't see it."

1. Quote of the Month

"Perhaps one has to become very old before one learns how to be amused rather than offended."
~Pearl S. Buck

The following video was taken at a recent parent meeting conducted by the school principal. In the short video, a teacher describes her experiences using Discipline Without Stress. If you work with young people, I believe you will find the video worth watching.

2. Stress Management Video

"Listening, Caring, and the Story"

You will truly enjoy this story.

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3. Parenting Without Stress

If a consequence is necessary, elicit the consequence from the youngster. When you elicit the consequence, then ownership and responsibility are placed on the young person, rather than on the adult.

This approach is far more effective than threatening or imposing a consequence. The reason is that when you impose a consequence, the young person has no ownership in it—and ownership is a critical component for change.

4. Discipline Without Stress

Stress can be reduced when people feel good about their decisions. 

Allow me to recount the story of William Golding's 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature for his book, "Lord of the Flies."

A number of British schoolboys became stranded on a tropical island and were left to their own devices. Anarchy developed. When anarchy reigns, someone is bound to take the leadership. Jack and Ralph, two of the older boys, started making the rules; they became the bosses and began bullying the other boys.

In the Hierarchy of Social Development, Anarchy (Level A) and Bullying (Level B) are the lowest and unacceptable levels.

When people have the vocabulary of these concepts, it allows them to articulate, call attention to, and resist these unacceptable behaviors—including teasing, ostracizing, and other mean activities in which some young people engage. When people can resist these lower levels, they become empowered, which always feels god and is stress-reducing.

Young people especially often face a challenge between being cooperative or doing what is right. Understanding one's motivation plays a key role here.

Moving up the Hierarchy of Social Development, we can refer to the two higher levels as external motivation (Level C-Cooperation) and internal motivation (Level D-Democracy, taking the initiative to do what is right regardless of outside influences).

People who do what is right—rather than cooperating in irresponsible activities—are more autonomous, feel good about their motivation and behavior, and generally live with a clearer conscience and less stress.

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5. Live Without Stress Book

From Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews:

Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey" by Dr. Marvin Marshall is a groundbreaking work that offers readers the right tools they need to beat stress and live richer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. This stress management book is packed with strategies that will help readers go to the root causes of their stress and eliminate them effectively. In today’s eclectic, fast-paced, and highly competitive culture, it isn’t uncommon to feel weighed down by stress and quite often people who are stressed are hardly aware of the stressors. Marshall helps readers face the reality with tools that allow them to fully understand their stress and offers insights on dealing with it.

“This is a book on a serious and very relevant subject that is hardly dealt with extensively and Dr. Marvin Marshall brings into it a vast professional experience, combining psychological insights with real life examples to create a message that will hit readers powerfully. The writing has a rare fluidity and displays a confidence that can only result from the author’s extensive knowledge and experience. He offers practical examples, and his analysis of the causes of stress is a road map to freedom that this book captivates. The voice is clear and highly authoritative, and the language is informal, somewhat chatty, which will appeal to the ordinary reader. Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey is an informative, inspiring, and excellent tool for anyone dealing with stress, no matter their occupation or state in life. It is very useful, especially in this time and age.“

Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey is now available as an audio book (links below). 


6. Discipline Online

Discipline Online reduces the "sink or swim" approach to teaching. Education is still the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a system to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment at Discipline online.

7. Speaking and Presenting

Need a speaker for a corporate, education, or parent event? Check out the Marvin Marshall's speaking site.

8. What People Say

"Dr. Marshall has done it again. Characteristically he has written a book that is almost "encyclopedic," given the sheer volume of the material he covers.  Like most of his works "Live Without Stress offers us an exhaustive set of simple guidelines based upon a profound understanding of human responses and behaviors. His approach combines theory based on abstract understanding with concrete practical examples. This allows him to bring the point of his anecdotes to life in such a way that they are truly useful. Congratulations, Dr. Marshall.”

—Michael Valente, PH.D


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