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October 31, 2019             

Lithuania MFA Lithuania MFA
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Yesterday FM @LinkeviciusL met with his #Finnish 🇫🇮 counterpart Pekka Haavisto. According to the FM's, although rel…

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Lithuanian and Finnish Foreign Ministers meet in Vilnius

On 28 October, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius met with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto to discuss opportunities for bilateral cooperation, topical issues of the European Union, cooperation with NATO, situations in Turkey and Ukraine.

According to the Foreign Ministers, although relations between Lithuania and Finland are intense, there is so much untapped cooperation potential in such new areas as nuclear safety.

L. Linkevičius drew P. Haavisto's attention to the elements of the EU's new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) that were of great importance for Lithuania, including agricultural and cohesion policy: "We understand that a large share of the new budget will be dedicated to overcoming emerging challenges, but the reduction of funding of these spheres is very painful for Lithuania," said the Foreign Minister.

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#OTD in 1925 Diana Glemžaitė was born - a poet, one of #LTFreedomFighters, who fought for independent, democratic…

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The President: activities of the Red Cross bring society together

President Gitanas Nausėda and First Lady Diana Nausėdienė met with Francesco Rocca, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).

The Lithuanian Red Cross Society, the oldest non-governmental organization in the country, marks its centenary this year. It was established together with the first authorities immediately after the declaration of Lithuania’s independence.

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Lithuania and Finland discuss cooperation on nuclear safety

Lithuania and Finland are looking at potential cooperation in the area of nuclear safety which the two countries' foreign ministers discussed during a meeting in Vilnius on Monday.

The ministers noted that although relations between the two countries are close, new potential cooperation areas are emerging, such as nuclear safety, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

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In this episode Ruta Naujokaite together with our co-producer Vytaute Rimkute speaks with
Foreign Minister of Lithuania, Linas Linkevicius     |    Credits @ Lithuanian Dream Podcast


Hackathon results in drones, communication prototypes for Lithuanian Navy
|       Credits @ Lithuanian MOD

About the formula “Zalgiris = Kaunas” and a business that sells emotions

Zalgiris is one of the most prominent signs of Kaunas and it also stands behind the name ‒ the capital of basketball. Not only it brings together generations of Kaunas citizens under its green and white flag, not only it chants the name of Kaunas across Europe and beyond, but also it is an integral part of the city and its identity. Unė Marija Jurkštaitė, Chief Business Officer of BC Zalgiris, tells us about the invisible but very important work with the special brand of Zalgiris, which is dear to every citizen of the city.

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Lithuanian scientists’ research can serve as a breakthrough in cancer treatment and diagnostics

A team of researchers from the Institute of Materials Science at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) together with colleagues from Japan and Latvia came up with a method that forces over 300 million metal nanoparticles to self-assemble into regular structures, which enhance their interaction with light by orders of magnitude. This work might be beneficial in developing ultra-small lasers that can contribute to the diagnostics of many illnesses within the human body, including oncological ones.

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10 cities attracting highest Greenfield FDI projects of tech startups, Vilinius tops the list

For a startup across any industry, investment is very important to keep it running. While there are several types of investments, greenfield investment is a type of foreign direct investment aka FDI in which the parent company creates a subsidiary in a different country and builds its operations there from scratch. It handles construction of new production units, offices, and distribution hubs.

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Internationally acclaimed documentary Animus Animalis by Aiste Žegulytė at the NY Baltic Film Festival US premiere!      |       Credits @ Lithuanian Art and Culture in the USA

Visionary Litvak family caught between wars, international relations, and the Holocaust

As Lithuania gears up to mark 2020 as the year of the Vilna Gaon and the History of the Jews of Lithuania, a story about a visionary Litvak business family, their success, and the ultimate fall in the Holocaust, is brought to you by LRT English together with Vilnius University and Jewish Heritage Lithuania.

Back in the 1930s, a prominent family of Litvaks and Klaipėda business owners ‒ the Nafthals ‒ lived in a house on Liepų Street.Nathan was the most successful of the three brothers – even before World War One, he brokered in wood trade and organised timber exports.

Nathan obtained permission from the occupying German Ober Ost authorities to travel freely behind the front lines in Lithuania and Poland.

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Ceremony of the State Funeral of the commanders and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising to be held on 22 November

Gediminas Hill reinforcement works, which began on 3 January 2017,  accidentally unearthed burials. Following the identification of the remains of the participants of the 1863-1864 uprising, executed in LukiÅ¡kės Square in Vilnius, the continued search led to the unearthing of the remains of 21 men. It was decided to hold a State Funeral ceremony for the commanders and fighters of the 1863-1864 uprising in cooperation with Poland, in exactly one month, i.e. 22 November. The reburial will take place at the Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius.

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Why don't Lithuanians celebrate Halloween?      |       Credits @ Lithuania. Real is Beautiful

Lietuvos generalinis konsulatas San Paule / Consulado Geral da Lituânia
3:52 PM - Oct 29, 2019

Lasar Segall vardo muziejuje atidarytoje parodoje „Vilnius ir aš“ – nepaprastai įdomūs gimtąjį Vilnių vaizduojantys Brazilijos modernisto Lasar Segall darbai, jo šeimos dokumentai, XX a. pradžios Vilniaus nuotraukos... Džiaugiamės malonia ir turininga Museu Lasar Segall, Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono žydų muziejus/ Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum ir Lietuvos generalinio konsulato San Paule draugyste! Užsienio reikalų ministerija Kultūros ministerija Globali Lietuva - Global Lithuania Clube Hebraica SPConfederação Israelita do Brasil - CONIB Amigos da Lituânia Consulado da Lituânia - Guarujá Museu Judaico de São Paulo Memorial da Imigração Judaica Comunidade Lituano-Brasileira - Brazilijos lietuvių bendruomenė Lituanistinė mokykla "Vilnis" / Escola de Lituano Vilnis Grupo de Danças Folclóricas Lituanas Nemunas Ansamblis BLJS - Brazilijos Lietuvių Jaunimo Sajunga

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Despite disabilities, Sakartvelo native learned Lithuanian and got job in Vilnius

If Mariami Silagadze from Tbilisi worried what others thought about her disabilities due to cerebral palsy and slight limp, she may have never ended up in Vilnius. Whether hitchhiking
to Berlin, or living and working in Lithuania, she says that she’s an example that it’s possible to overcome childhood physical disabilities and to be successful.

“Lithuanians are too concerned what others think about them. That drives what they do and they are missing a lot of opportunities,” says the 29-year-old. She is combining work with studies in the Social Work with the Youth programme at Mykolas Romeris University.

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Highlight of the Week
Moment from ceremony for All Saints Day

Vilnius, Lithuania
Photo credits @ Jurijus Azanovas / URM

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