The Majestic Highlands

As I research for my McDougalls series, I always fall more and more in love with the location where the family lives. Galbury Castle is near the village of Aldourie, in the Highlands of Scotland, of course. The McDougalls live next to the famed Loch Ness, and for the past couple of books the lake has been the setting for more than one scene.

In my upcoming book (which now has a title, Treasures of the Wind!), for the first time we get to see the Highlands through the eyes of an outsider, our heroine, Rebecca. I’ve written it with the awe I feel myself when I think of the amazing landscapes. We also meet the family through someone who has never made their acquaintance before, which is fresh and fun. I can hardly wait to share the next book with you! Treasures of the Wind, the steamy version of Book 3, will be out April 4th and is now available to pre-order! The sweet and wholesome version will follow shortly thereafter.

For more McDougalls, see the books below. For those of you who enjoy the steamy versions be sure to check out The McDougalls. The sweet and wholesome versions are The McDougall Family. Have you read Book 2, which is Promises of Sunlight (steamy) or the newly released The Chieftain’s Duty (sweet and wholesome)? Did you enjoy it?

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Weekly Reads

Sweet and Wholesome

Faith and Her Devoted Duke

By Lynda Hurst

After being evicted from her family home by Devlin, the newly minted Duke of Prestonridge, Faith Revelstoke spends her formative years living with her younger brother. She provides for them both while attempting to unravel the mystery of her mother's disappearance. But as clues become scarce, Devlin shows up at the door to Faith's cottage. The Duke is intent on both becoming her guardian and finding her a proper husband. Knowing she will require Devlin's assistance to continue her research, Faith begrudgingly agrees to become the Duke's ward.

The pair spend the season in London, their relationship becoming complicated as feelings blossom, mysterious threads unravel and potential suitors loom. Devlin soon finds that his devotion to finding Faith a husband takes an unexpected turn. His own love for the young Revelstoke becomes self-apparent, and he can imagine nobody else by her side. Can they find love in each other's arms while also solving the mystery of the Revelstoke legacy?

Faith and Her Devoted Duke is a 50,000 word clean historical romance novel.

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The Bride's Heart

Ruby Hill

Hazel is a free spirit. Stephen likes order in his life. Can they learn how to compromise, or did they just make the biggest mistake of their lives?

After a traumatic event, Hazel is tired of being pitied by her family and the people who live in her small town.

As a way to escape her past, Hazel moves to a new town as a mail order bride to marry Stephen, a ruggedly handsome rancher. Hazel has no interest in falling in love, and neither does Stephen. The agreement is that Hazel will manage the house and Stephen will manage the ranch.

Stephen likes things in order, and Hazel is more of a free spirit who takes time to appreciate the small things in life. They don’t understand each other, and they find that their differences lead to arguments.

However, every time Stephen looks at Hazel, she feels something build inside her. Will their differences drive them apart, or is there more to this handsome cowboy than meets the eye? Will Hazel ever find true happiness? And will it be at Stephen’s side?

If you love historical western and mail order bride romance books with twists and turns, you will love this sweet and clean romance story.

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance, so there are no cliffhangers. This is a 35,000-word romance. The eBook version contains historical western and Regency romance bonus books.

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Amish Brides in the West

By Faith Crawford

Five young women are looking for love, a new life, adventure and a family to call their own. Coming from an Amish background, these women enter a new world that they hope will ultimately lead to the one experience that makes every life worth living: to love and to be loved.

Will they find what they were looking for?

Book 1: Sarah’s Story
Sarah Fisher is a regular Amish girl. But when her sister dies in childbirth, she is given the difficult task to find her brother in law, who is in the west and unaware of his wife’s death.

Sarah is traveling west with the baby, when she receives an offer to be a mail order bride. With no place to go, she agrees. But will this convenient arrangement make way for love? And will she find the baby’s father?

Book 2: Cynthia’s Story
Cynthia Lapp is determined to marry for love, even if it means marrying non-Amish and getting shunned. But when she is stood up at the altar, she has only one option left: responding to a mail order advert.

All Clive wants is a mother for his small son. He lost his faith in love when his former wife ran off. Cynthia’s loving nature soon captures his heart. But when his former wife comes back and reveals her true self, all bets are off…

Book 3: Elizabeth’s Story
Elizabeth is naïve enough to run away with Thomas. But when he reneges on his promise to marry her, Elizabeth realizes that she has made a terrible mistake. Rescue comes in the form of Marcus’ mail order advert.

Marcus is an honest and hardworking cowboy. Elizabeth Lehman is everything he dreamt, with her cheerful personality and captivating eyes. But when she turns out to carry Thomas’ child, decisions must be made…

Book 4: Claudia’s Story
(published as “My Secret Amish Baby”)

It is Rumspringa for Claudia Graber, the period when a young person’s future is made or broken. But when she fall pregnant with a man she thinks loves her, she is betrayed in the worst possible way.

Fate takes Claudia to Montana, to the estate of George Hardy. By then, she considers herself worldly enough to not be taken in by older men. Besides, she hides a secret that could have her out of a job... Will Claudia let past hurts cloud her judgment or will she risk her heart one more time?

Book 5: Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa Schwartz went to Oregon to ease the suffering of patients grappling with cholera. But soon, she finds herself a surrogate mother to a sweet, orphaned child, and in love with the handsome Dr. Harris.

But Dr. Harris is expecting a mail order bride. Vanessa contents herself with raising the child and working. It’s not that simple for Dr. Harris. He cannot get Vanessa out of his mind. Will the two find a way to be together without causing heartbreak to the mail order bride?

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