Happy Halloween

Hello Family & Friends,

Hope you all are having a fun Halloween!

Jackson Asher is celebrating his very first one today. To commemorate this monumental event we have silver minted coins a video for you to watch if you dare...

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Speaking of Firsts!

As 'new parents' we find ourselves crossing out all sorts of 'firsts' for Jackson Asher like...

Jackson Asher's First Drink of Water
Jackson Asher's First Drops of Rain on His Face
Jackson Asher's First Game of Chess (he won)
Jackson Asher's First Musical Composition (he wrote specifically for the violin)
Jackson Asher's First Use of a Hot Glue Gun (to mend a onsie)

There is only one that we have documented on video so far... Jackson Asher's First Bath (because it is way more exciting than watching him compose music - seriously boring).

So, enjoy this video!

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Hope you enjoyed the videos!

As always, feel free to reach out to us at KriBri@HoldonLog.com so we can connect and catch up!

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