April 2018

The Station Master`s Report

Welcome to the fourth Footbridge Editorial of 2018
This month has just really seen everyone picking themselves up and dusting themselves off after an busy start to the year. It is always a quiet time for the forum as folks are just throwing the covers off their layouts and considering where they left off.
As always though we see our membership grow with more new members coming through our doors so hopefully it will all add up to a busy and creative year. So far, there are murmerings of the various exhibition meets etc with Telford top of my list later this year. The Aussies have kicked off big time with plans being laid for numerous exhibitions around May, June, July and August and October, so far. More on them as we get closer to the time.

Paul is progressing nicely with his bridge build in “ a bridge too far “ and his 3D printer has been doing overtime. His layout will be approaching the scenic stage shortly. As I type, I have just completed the electrics on Luib Bridge. The power has been switched on, turnouts wired and programmed through the Switch 8 mk2 and all is looking very good. ( there was no phone call from National Grid asking me to power down ).

Gormo has continued to keep us tuning in to his shed with the latest task in hand being the conversion of couplings on some older Lima coaches. As normal, everything is running sweet as you like. Thanks again gormo.

Rob Pulham mezmorises us with his fantastic builds, A Gladiator G5 and a DJH Streamlined Duchess currently being undertaken on his bench. As usual I watch in awe and dribble. ( nothing new there then ).

Our latest competition which is based on the photographing of animals looks like it could take off. There has already been a few entries posted and if I were a betting man ……. I’d say there will be lots more. The winner walks away with a minature action camera / camcorder courtesy of Platform1. The competition runs to the end of July so ….. no excuse …… get your entries in.

Well, for a change I am not going to batter your ears too much this month as there will be ample opportunity as we move into the summer months when it all tends to kick off. I’ll hand you over to Gary for this months “ pick of the posts “ The only thing left for me to say is thanks again as usual for your contributions and stay well and healthy. Until next month …….



The Low Down on Soldering...

Rob Pulham has put together an excellent guide on the types of solder available to the modeller. Whether you build kits containing brass and white metal parts or simply just soldering track, you'll find this very helpful.

Bridging the Tay in O Gauge

Paul has been busy building his interpretation of the Tay Viaduct in O gauge.  The results so far are very, very good. This will make for one stunning layout module...

Handled with Care...

Waspen Street Parcel Depot started life as a competition entry but never was completed. Well, it's time to finish this little micro layout...

Paint Your Own Back Scene...

Two colours of paint can produce some excellent results. Learn how you can paint your own budget back scene that packs a punch...

Grande Designs in Rio...

SMR Chris has been busy piecing an old layout together for an upcoming exhibition. Read how Chris has transformed a forgotten layout into an exhibition masterpiece...

Inter-active Puzzle No. 10....

Here is a small portion of a photo from one of the great layouts that graced the pages of Platform 1 MRC. Can you name the layout thread the picture belongs to...??     

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