2018 Is Waiting for You!

Resolutions. The word has all kinds of connotations. Do you make the same resolution year after year? Does it make you think of failure? Success? New beginnings?

In 2017, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of publishing historical romance novels. I cannot wait for this year to unfold, as I take the opportunity to tell more stories and reach a wide number of readers.

Dream big. Take action. Reach for the stars, whatever that means for you.

I would love to hear from you -- what are your resolutions for the New Year? What are you most looking forward to?

Love Always,


Recommended Reads

The Lady and The Rake

By Agnes Forest

Miss Selina Snowley, daughter of deceased baronet Sir William Snowley, has only one chance to escape the workhouse or ignominy as a courtesan. She must become the companion of Lady Jane Busick, a close longtime family friend. The job itself will not be difficult for Selina, who loves Lady Jane as she did her own parents. It is the lady’s infuriating nephew who will make her task unbearable. From childhood, Adam Caldwell, the Viscount Hawkridge, has been a thorn in her side, and now she will be forced to spend far more time in his company than she is happy with, as Lady Jane resides in his home. 

The Lady and The Rake is a clean, stand-alone historical romance.

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To Love...and Renovate

By Sophie Mays

Virginia’s dream of a perfect winter wedding is about to come true. After a whirlwind life change, everything finally seems to be falling into place. Will a plan for the future and a little drama from the past get in the way of her smooth-sailing present?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a huge B&B renovation…
Or if you are engaged couple Virginia and Tristan, instead of being rational, you try to juggle them all at the same time.

As Virginia plans her upcoming wedding, her sister Samantha wanders into a love triangle, and her fiancé Tristan’s family drama comes back to haunt him. Will they all make it to the chapel in one piece? Follow along as a lovable cast of characters work together to try and renovate their lives by designing new beautiful elements, and working to patch up the old broken parts.

Cruise over to Sweetwater Island to join in the fun of To Love…and Renovate! A heartwarming story of navigating love, life, and family, set in author Sophie Mays’ beloved small coastal town.

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The Locomotive Brides

By Christian Michael

A 5-part Mail Order Bride romance with 30 bonus short clean mail order bride stories!

Destined to find love...

Outlaws, train robbers, good men, and opportunities all lie in the West, and lives of loneliness or perhaps unhappily arranged marriages are what await these women if they stay in the East – which doesn’t leave them with much of a choice.

Though the West is wild and unsettled, there is one remarkable machine that can tie it to the refined and civilized Eastern part of the country, and that is the luxurious Locomotive 1325. 

Some travel West to find the love of their lives, others travel West to escape a love that will ruin their lives, but regardless of the reason, each woman discovers that the West is full of incredible dangers and unprecedented opportunities that will prove to her how strong she really is. 

The Locomotive Brides Series follows the journeys of five different young women as they head west to find the answers they are looking for, the renewed hope they desperately need, or to embrace the opportunity to start again. 

From the very first book, you will be hooked on the spirits of each of these brides, unable to set your book down until you reach the end. This is an incredible series that shows the determination of each of these young women, and can be enjoyed as a full series or each as a standalone book.

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