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2017 has been very busy to-date. Our portfolio of leading-edge startups keeps growing: Swedish cyber-security startup EyeonID just joined as the latest addition. Likewise, we have been busy helping corporates to get started in engaging with startups.

A few key observations based on our recent work:

  1. Appreciate your counterpart - don't try to apply "your" style, "your" way-of-working or "your" understanding!
  2. Once you start to collaborate - don't get into the blame game. You are in this together and should focus on getting things done. Escalation should be handled by a different governance layer and not by the operational team!
  3. And lastly, as Henry Ford put it: "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success." So work hard, because collaboration pays off! 

Enjoy the read and as always: Your feedback is appreciated!

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Thought-leadership... A Start-Up's Guide to Working with Mobile Operators

Our most recent report was jointly published with the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator and provides a guideline for startups who are interested in working with mobile operators in emerging markets.

Learn from GSMA's and Match-Maker Ventures' combined experiences: How to identify, how get in contact with, how pitch to and how to build a successful relationship with a mobile operator.

Download full report

Thought-leadership... Corporates: Getting started

We recently conducted numerous workshops for corporates covering the topic of how to get started in collaborating with startups. Feedback received was highly positive, thus we decided to share our deck with anyone interested. If you are, simply request the deck by replying to this email with the text “Getting started”. We will also conduct another workshop on this topic at the Latitude 59 conference (see below).

If you want to discuss your specific situation more in detail, please reach out to us!

How the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator helps startups and corporates alike

This month we had the pleasure to speak to Maxime Bayen about his work at the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator. Being only over a year and a half old, the programme already achieved a lot: Successful education of the market about the benefits of partnerships between operators and innovators and the recent announcement of the first nine startups selected for the innovation fund.

During our interview and the time we spent with Maxime and his team, working on our joint report “Opening Doors”, we could feel the passion for fostering startup-corporate collaboration and the excitement for innovative ideas in the mobile services space. We enjoyed working together and look forward to fruitful collaboration between Match-Maker Ventures and the GSMA in the months and years to come.

Read full interview

Get ready for the GDPR 2018: Mass Opt-In Generation eases the pain

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018 in Europe, telecom operators are facing an enormous threat as the regulation significantly limits the way operators are allowed to work with their customers’ data. As fines are painful, compliance is highly recommended. 

Our portfolio company Mass Opt-in Generation (MOG) helps mobile operators to prepare themselves for GDPR: Collecting targeted customer consent in a highly scalable manner for themselves as well as for third parties turning the GDPR from a threat into an opportunity!

Eager to get to know more about this innovative solution? Reach out to us!

Meet us at ...

GTB Summit (London, May 23): The Global Telecom Business will host the Telecoms Innovation Summit in London and at the event, the most innovative & successful project partnerships of the last 12 months will be announced and the very best projects will be featured. Our CEO, acting as an advisory board member, reviewed the exciting applications from around the globe and will be joining the event! 

Latitude 59 (Tallinn, May 25-26): Latitude 59 is the flagship startup & tech event of the world's first digital society, with 2000 participants from the Baltics and beyond. The head of our financial vertical Mae Hansen will moderate a panel on "The beautiful and ugly truths about startup-corporate collaboration" and host a workshop, helping corporates to identify their collaboration potential.

TechXLR8, Project Kairos (London, June 13-15): Project Kairos is the dedicated startup area at TechXLR8. Our CEO Nicolai will moderate the startup pitching competition. 

Money 20/20 (Copenhagen, June 26-28): Europe's leading FinTech event in Copenhagen is a hot spot of the Financial Services scene. We will closely monitor and are available for meetings on-site.  

Please reach out to us, if you want to participate or want to meet us at any of the events! 

Knowledge Nugget - Telcos doomed to innovate!

Telcos' long march... Operators expectations on projected revenues growth from new products/ services certainly represents a stretch. From today only 9% of total revenues to more than 20% in 2020 (see the full analysis in our study Innovation Quest for Telecom Operators). 

We appreciate and wait for your feedback and comments

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