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'Unleashing the Peace Within'. Vol. Ed. 1


Have you ever met someone who has had a panic attack? What about the nervous twitch, the grinding of teeth, or the arbitrary unrelenting muscle spasm? Often we think these things are random and meaningless physical 'tricks' of the body, but that is the furthest thing from the truth! What they really are, are indications that we are disregarding something that doesn't want be ignored. Something deep within us is 'knocking' to be let out - and always to be let out for our long term benefit. 

Feelings Have a Voice (Haiku Poetry)

Feelings have a voice/ That is, when heard by the mind/ And spoken in words

They speak of a need/ Which exists independent/ Of the mind’s control

And may go unheard/ Unheard and undetected/ So they speak louder

Knocking on the door/ Of the body as complaints/ Or as thwarted tasks

Leaving evidence/

Signs and some indications/ To be eye witnessed

Demanding your heed/ Like a child tugging on mom’s/ preoccupied skirt

Tug! Tug! “Please listen/ I have something to tell you,”/ But your focus wanes

So the tugging grows/ Becoming always louder/ Till dishes are smashed

But time to listen!/ For that child is really you/ Who you truly are

- Dennis Tucker, LCSW

How Do We Hear Our Needs?

If the mind can't or won't hear, the needs will not forever go undetected, but will instead start coming out in other ways. Little 'bread crumb trails' will be left behind to provide evidences of such repressed needs. Becoming mindful of these bread crumb trails can give us meaningful insight into our 'true selves' as we see past the deceptions we may have embraced. Logging in a journal, writing music or poetry, talking with an accepting friend, and other self-reflective meditative practices can aid with this self-discovering; though sometimes such things are limited by our mind's unwillingness to see and hear. Counseling with a trusted therapist can help do this as well, which is why NHC, PLLC strives to make counseling accessible to all people. One of the ways New Hope does this is by offering appealing prices, including the 'Getting to Know You' session for new clients (couples and individuals), as well as the 'Wellness Check' (for individuals) and the 'Relationship Check' (for couples) for past clients who have counseled before with me,  Dennis Tucker, LCSW. Another way this is done is through New Hope's Universal Fee Schedule where, after the initial 'Getting to Know You' and 'Check Up' session, within established guidelines you choose your own per session fee.

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What's a 'Bread Crumb Trail'?

Your conscious mind sometimes doesn't want to hear the needs of your heart, perhaps perceiving such things  as emotions and feelings as 'unnecessary'. As a result your 'true self' (what I call your 'heart' when it is not deluded by fear) will send messages to try to reach out and be heard by anyone willing to listen. These messages can be irritating and inconvenient, but ultimately serve to remind you that you (the mind) are really not in charge - at least not always. You can be overthrown and a civil war can occur if you choose not to listen. The messages start out slight and soft but, if unheeded, may become 'louder' over time. How about we learn to listen now?

Sometimes Hearing is Enough

There have been at least two distinct times in my (Dennis Tucker, LCSW) own life where I have had bizarre bodily occurrences, trying to get me to listen to something I didn't want to hear. One time I had prolonged hiccups that wouldn't go away, even after a full day of activity and a night's rest. The other time, I had muscle twitches in my arm that persisted for months on end, flaring up every once in a while. In both cases, when I deliberately stopped and recognized that there was something I was lying to myself about - or not acknowledging - and then earnestly sought to 'listen' to what I was being told, upon discovering the 'truth' of my need, the bodily symptoms went away. Merely upon hearing and accepting the truth of my perception, the identified 'door knocking' went away.

The Implications of 'Nervous Tics' etc.

What's truly fascinating about bizarre, beyond our control, bodily responses, is that it is an evidence that there is something else in our reality beyond our awareness. What this means is that there is a 'truth' to which we are inseparably connected, which has perception of what goes on around us - and knows whether or not we are being 'true' to that perception. If we lie to ourselves, then this other part of us is aware of it - even if we do not seem to be so ourselves. Thus, there is the emergence of what can be called the 'True Self' and even a 'False Self'!

What is This 'True Self'?

The 'True Self' is the idea of who you really are before the world shaped you into someone else. The concept suggests that it is possible to become 'lost', thus becoming someone you're not, but also to become 'found' again by returning to your true 'original' self. Despite what the world has done to you, you are essentially still there just waiting to come back!

How Do I Find My True Self?

One of the easiest ways to find your 'True Self' is simply to listen to you. Now saying that, that is obviously harder than it seems! That's where a therapist can be of assistance. 'But, you might say, I don't have the time, funds, energy, etc. to go to counseling, is there any other way?' Well, yes. I have written various books (none of these are too large) over the years which address this most important of all topics. I have also put together audio books to make the information easier and more accessible for those who want to listen. I have even placed these items at affordable prices to make them more widely accessible.  

Discover the 'True You' through these three books

The Original You (24 pg. PDF book or 41 min Audio book) discusses who you really are from amid an almost numerous possibility of inner as well as outer voices, all of which may claim to be you. Developed as a supportive companion and reminder to topics discussed in counseling; however, it is written to be understood even if you have never come to counseling. Allow yourself to understand the magic of who you really are by reading this vital declaration of you, which will help you realize that your answers are to be found in a wonderful place within you. 

1. The Original You - MP3 Audiobook read by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($2.90)
1. The Original- PDF eBook written by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($1.90)

Fear and Faith Unmasked (24 pg. PDF book or a 51 min. Audio book) reflects over the often unseen world of motivation, wherein dwells our quest to satisfy needs both seen and unseen. Typically there seems to be only one route that manifests itself as the ‘way’ to satisfy our needs – in a broad way we can call that route ‘fear’. However, there is a completely different path that is seldom ever seen – in a broad way such a path can be called ‘faith’. The two motivations are compared and contrasted and you then understand why ‘fear’ is so destructive to all relationships which use its motivation. Help empower yourself by discovering the often overlooked and misunderstood power of faith, a power which is always at your disposal though you may not always perceive it.

2. Fear and Faith Unmasked - MP3 Audiobook read by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($2.90)
2. Fear and Faith Unmasked - PDF eBook written by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($1.90)

Finding the Real You briefly reviews the topics discusses in 'The Original You' and 'Fear and Faith Unmasked', then ties them both together in a 28 pg. PDF book or a 54 min. audio book  to help you discover  your ‘real self’ through a clearly outlined comparison of 'dichotomies'. The 'dichotomies' tell you both who you are and who you aren't. Learn more about an amazing guidance system within you, which I call your 'inner compass'. This compass has the power to direct and guide you to finding and becoming your ‘true self’, but also has the power to liberate your from the deceptions of  the 'false you'. 

3. Finding the Real You - MP3 Audiobook read by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($2.90)
3. Finding the Real You - PDF eBook written by Dennis Tucker, LCSW ($1.90)

All Journeys Start Somewhere and Sometime. Why Not Now?

In the end, everything written here is about you, and the dire need to find you, take care of you, and bring yourself back from the world's version of you, to your True Self. I think the journey is definitely worth it! Let me know how it goes for you, okay? 

Time to sign off now, but don't worry! This is the beginning of my efforts to 'unleash the peace within'. Till next time!

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