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Dear ARC Reviewers,

Taken by the Dom is live!  Please put up your reviews here:


As always, please remember that an ARC copy is a draft, and there will still be typos and small changes.

Also, please remember that I'm running a business here.  Please forward me a copy of your review confirmation from Amazon at

Thanks and I so appreciate your speedy review!  Hope you enjoyed the book  :)


All my best,

Cassie and Katie


Cassandra Dee ARC FAQ

Hello there! Thank you for your interest in my ARC Team.  Please take a gander at the Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you have more questions, feel free to contact me at and I’ll be happy to assist you. 


1. What kind of books will I receive if I sign up? 
You will receive ALL new releases from me! So you can expect quite a lot of virgins, alpha males, and even more in 2017! I have switched to novellas, so fewer short story serials (unless I’ve got something special up my sleeve…).

2. How will I receive my books? And when?
When a new book is released, you will receive an Instafreebie link via a newsletter where you can download the book in your preferred format. I don’t want to spam you, but you can expect to hear from me once a week at most — maybe less if I’m working on a pretty hefty release.

3. Can I share your ARC with my friends? 
Please remember that I'm running a business.  If it comes to my attention that you are leaking these books to others outside of the mailing list, you will be removed. Have a friend that wants to read my books? Feel free to refer them to the mailing list sign-up page! I will always be excited to add more readers to the club and I’d rather them receive the books from me directly.

4. How will you know I left a review? 
You will be required to send a permanent link of your Amazon review to me so I can keep track of your activity. Simply reply to the newsletter and paste the link to the review once it’s posted.

5. What if I really, really hate a story I read? Should I still post a review? 
Hey, no author is perfect. Especially me. If you read a story and feel it deserves LESS than three stars, please contact me directly. I work very hard to write these stories and I prefer that serious criticism remain in a private communication.

6. You write a lot of serials/series. Can I wait and publish a review once it’s finished? 
No. Please review the novels you download in a timely manner (within a week of receiving the ARC).

7. What should go in the review?

  • An eye-catching title. Please don’t title it “FREE BOOK” or “ARC REVIEW” — this dissuades other readers from taking your review seriously.
  • Start with what you liked about the story.
  • If you have notes about what you’d improve, feel free to add this after the first line.
  • A note about the ARC status at the end.

8. What should NOT go in the review?

  • Plot spoilers
  • Negative comments about me as a person. Yes, this happens. :(

9. Do I need a Kindle to participate? 
Absolutely not. When I send out links to the story files, you’ll have the option of .mobi, .epub or .pdf.  You can then download and transfer those files to the device of your choosing, DRM free.

10. What if I don’t want to participate anymore? 
There is no commitment. As long as you are enjoying and reviewing my books, I’m excited to have you. But if you wish, you may simply unsubscribe using the link provided at the bottom of the newsletter.

Again, if you have a question I haven’t addressed above, or if you need further clarification on a topic, please email me at


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