Greetings from the School of Engineering Alumni-Industry Scholars!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Spring 2018 Edition of the

Rutgers School of Engineering Alumni Industry Scholarship e-newletter!

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The Alumni Industry Scholarship - Capturing the Spirit of Rutgers helping Rutgers

Launched in 2012, the Alumni Industry Scholarship Program is more than just a scholarship. The AIS program is a unique award opportunity, envisioned and funded with the support of alumni, that gives Rutgers engineering students the opportunity of an enhanced education combining academics, professional networking, career coaching, and financial support.  The program is specifically designed to set the stage for professional and personal success and to instill commitment from scholars to continue the cycle by giving back to current SoE students.

The Alumni-Industry Scholar (AIS) award is available to School of Engineering rising juniors and seniors. The AIS program recognizes students who have demonstrated academic proficiency by maintaining a greater than B average through the first two years, a passion for their profession, important character qualities including: leadership, honesty, and integrity; and a desire to give back by helping other students. 

Congratulations to our Class of 2018 Scholars!

Class of 2018 Scholars (clockwise from left to right) : Travis Cote, Hsinyo Yin, Christopher Leonardi, James Forder, Lana Sharp, Mhammed Alhayek, and Alice Tchoudov

Our Fall Events This Year
Alumni Tailgate

The Rutgers SoE alumni tailgate was a great opportunity for scholars to hear from successful alumni, and have fun together! We had some great casual conversations and got to know many SoE alumni at our tailgate on October 21st.


How to Ace the Technical Interview

"I really liked how we made this event our own. We recognized a need for students and we were able follow through. I liked how we could use our own experiences and share them with other students." - Brenda Reyes ISE'19

"Learned how to take initiative for event planning. Enjoyed helping underclassmen learn about interview prep in the tech field." - Mykola Gryshko ECE'19

Our Spring Events This Year

"I was able to learn a lot about the different opportunities students at Rutgers have been getting, since I only know what goes on in the MAE school." - Alice Tchoudov MAE'18

"I learned how important it is to coordinate with everyone doing different tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly." - Brianna Mantz MAE'19

May Luncheon

We welcomed our new scholars and heard words of wisdom from our graduating seniors. It was a great opportunity for the rising juniors and seniors to learn what to expect in their upcoming year.

Donor Spotlight - David Ottenstein


Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015


  • Aresty Research - Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Inflatable Structures
  • Theta Tau - Community Service chair 
  • Co-op Johnson & Johnson
  • Hobbies: Snowboarding, Playing Drums, Working on car/motorcycle

Rutgers Experience

Met my best friends in college and learned the value of collaborating with peers/colleagues. I enjoyed the vast amount of opportunities to learn at Rutgers both inside and outside the classroom since Rutgers has many opportunities to join clubs and organizations. 

How AIS Program had benefited you

Learning I had received the Alumni-Industry Scholarship was life changing. The generosity inspired by Robert Beardsley, the founder of the AIS program is astounding. I not only received a financial award but also had access to a network of successful Rutgers Alumni. I was invited to networking events and had the pleasure of meeting with many successful Rutgers School of Engineering Alumni. Additionally, I also gained a peer group of fellow Alumni-Industry Scholars which allowed me to gain new friends and learn more about their experiences/internships. 

Motivation to give back to Rutgers

Remembering how much the AIS program changed my life made me start giving back to the program as soon as possible. Robert Beardsley's generous donations not only financially but through mentorship was invaluable and I hope to be able to mentor/support future alumni industry scholars. 

Inspiration/Quotes for current students

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford. 

Additionally, studying and understanding course material is a must for college education but don't forget to also focus on skills that can be learned during college outside the classroom such as soft skills, networking, job seeking, leadership, time management, effective communication, problem solving, and innovating.

Future goals

I hope to continue to grow in my current career at Accenture. I work on SAP data management for global enterprises and have enjoyed working with talented driven colleagues. I hope to be a mentor to future Alumni-Industry Scholars. 

Hopes for the AlS Program

"I hope that the AIS program will continue to grow in the following ways:

  • As more and more AIS alumni graduate, I hope there is an even larger network of mentors for current AIS
  • I would like to gain a larger network of companies that prioritize providing internships to current AIS
  • I hope the AIS program inspires a larger revolution of "Rutgers helping Rutgers" mentality. The goal is to have a Rutgers Engineering School that has all alumni finding ways to give back to current students."