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Work Holiday Visa - Update 1 (Replies)


Dear All,

Has anyone hired an overseas intern who has come down to SG on work Holiday Visa (granted for 6 months)? What is the paperwork for an employer to process w.r.t. MOM? Clearly since the candidate has already received his visa, is there any other formality required for employer to do, like notify MOM about this intern?

Any insights at all will be helpful as this is the first time we have come across this kind of hire.




No other formalities with MOM. We just ask for the copy of the WHP for our record and to check the validity.




1. If an applicant is from overseas, can he/she take up an internship position in a Singapore-registered company?

Employers may use the internship listing form to hire interns directly (overseas/local). Please take note of work pass requirements when engaging an intern from overseas. For more information on trainees or students passes, please see the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website here (under trainees or students):

2. If an applicant is from overseas, do I have to pay foreign worker levy or care about the foreign quota limit?

The foreigner needs to have proper work pass requirements before allowed to work in Singapore. For an internship under the trainee or student pass visa, no foreign worker levy payment needs to be paid, and no foreign quota restriction is in place. Foreign levy and quota only applies to S Pass and Work Permits holders, which does not apply to trainee or student pass interns as they are only undergoing training in your organisation as part of their curriculum. For more information on levy and quota, please see the MOM website here:

3. What kind of entitlements should a company give to the interns?

The Employment Act covers every employee who is engaged under a contract of service, this includes interns. An employer should accord statutory benefits prescribed under the law to an intern if he is performing work and has work arrangements similar to that of a regular employee in the organisation. For details, please refer to MOM website –

Prospective employers should inform applicants clearly of their working arrangements such as their job scope, working hours, remuneration and benefits.




For my previous company, we just guide them on how to apply and once approved and candidate is here, help them to make MOM appointment to get the card (they never been to Singapore before), where they will then know the company they will work for. Paperwork wise it was in fact with the university if required for the students. Quite straightforward




Work Holiday Pass is the only work pass that I know the candidate applies himself. Just make sure you have the physical card to verify the issuance date. These interns are slippery that way. If it's issued then he's ready for work. No other steps with MOM.

If the intern is sent from school as attachment, there needs to be the school agreement. No employment contract is given. (Instead you can make an internship contract). You'll need the school agreement during tax clearance process. He doesn't pay income tax later on because it's not employment.

If the intern has already graduated, prepare employment contract as per normal and he will pay income tax accordingly during tax clearance.



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