The Scot’s Vow is ready for you!

For those of you who enjoy sweet and clean romance, today I have the perfect story for you. The Scot’s Vow is  the wholesome version of my story Hearts of Starlight from the McDougalls’ series.

It’s the perfect mix of Highlanders, strong British women, the west, adventure and, of course, romance.

If you enjoy it and would like more sweet versions of my stories, please let me know! I have taken a bit of a break for Christmas, but in the new year I will be back with another new release.

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And finally, I would like to let all of you, my readers, know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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She will have her freedom, no matter the cost…

Victoria Brighton refuses to be a pawn to to be played by her stepfather, who will stop at nothing to access her inheritance - including marrying her off to the cold and calculating Duke of Lansingberg. She escapes across the sea to the western prairies, unknowing what is ahead of her but intent that she will never again allow a man to dictate her future.

He will honor his promises and hold his family together…

Callum McDougall, future chieftan of the McDougall clan, is journeying to the North-West Territories to determine what has become of his missing cousin. Once his mission is complete, he will honor the family tradition and return to Scotland as chieftan to lead his clan.

Together in the new world, what will the future hold?

Callum and Victoria fight their intense attraction to one another, as Callum must return to Scotland while Victoria vows to remain true to herself. Soon, however, they find themselves unlikely allies in their respective predicaments. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail?

Weekly Reads

Since my book this week is clean and wholesome, here’s a steamy read for those of you who enjoy a bit of spice.

The Warrior's Wager

By Mia Price

She will not be tamed…
Aislin Mac Cecht is not like other lassies. She prefers her bow, connecting with nature, and most importantly, her freedom. Marriage and children would only tie her down. No man could ever possibly accept her as she is, feral and stubborn to a fault, and she refuses to change for anyone, despite her family’s insistence that she settle down.

He would never dream of trying…
Alastar Mac Murray vowed to never get married. He much prefers to spend his nights with as many lassies as possible, living a life of ease and freedom, even if his easy smile and witty banter hide the painful shadows of his past. But when he first sees Aislin in her short hide dress, bow slung over her shoulder as she berates her brother, all his plans change. He will have Aislin Mac Cecht, and taming her is the last thing on his mind.

One reckless wager, the kiss of a lifetime, and an opportunity to secure the lass of his dreams has Alastar proposing a handfast to Aislin. She keeps her freedom and silences her family, and he wins the girl… for only one year and one day. She vows to leave when it’s over. He vows to keep her forever.

Can two people who value freedom over love find happiness in both?

Rated 18+ due to adult content

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