Live A Life You Love + Create A Better World At The Same Time

It’s hard not to feel completely overwhelmed with everything going on around us. From the chaos in the world to the day-to-day stuff we face in our personal lives, it can be crazy-making! So how do you navigate it all?

It's time for you to step into YOUR POWER in this world. By embracing these 5 awesome truths, the foundational principles of Living Atman, you can create a more purposeful, joyous life:

1. Santosha ~ Contentment

Acknowledge the blessings you have already received in your life. Know that you are EXACTLY where you need to be right now!

Get Started: Wake up every morning and express gratitude. Don't make this complicated, a simple heartfelt thank you will do. Get in the habit of focusing on the positives!

2. Ahimsa ~ Kindness

Let compassion be your guide. Limit the amount of suffering you contribute to in this world – your karma will love you for it! 

Get Started: Enjoy a meatless meal at least once a week. It’s the kindest choice you can make for your health, the planet and the animals. 

3. Moksha ~ Freedom

We have incredible power to create positive change through our purchases. It’s time to take a stand! 

Get Started: Replace an unhealthy, unethical product that you currently use with a sustainable, toxin-free option. Just one, you can do it! 

4. Vidya ~ Self Knowledge

Become unshakeable in your truth by stepping out of your comfort zone. This helps you gain exciting new revelations about who you truly are.

Get Started: Try out a new spiritual practice. Sign up for a reiki session, a drumming circle or a group meditation. Commit to something today!

5. Yatra ~ Sacred Travel

Feed your soul by visiting places that vibrate love. Travel with kind, inspired people and allow the group energy to uplift you! 

Get Started: Schedule 15 minutes this week to explore transformational retreats online. Get excited about the possibility of taking a trip that will change your life!


To your joy-filled life,

Meenu & Pawan

Discover The Guru Within | India Feb 18 - Mar 6 2018

If you’re a loving soul feeling disenchanted in today’s shocking world, then inspire yourself on a sacred trek through India's spiritual wondersLearn to master chaos, reconnect with your deep inner wisdom, and experience five awesome truths for a happier life!


Questions about the itinerary? Curious about payment plan options? Nervous about group travel? Schedule an India Clarity Call, and know for sure whether this trip is right for you! 

Our December Events!

The wonderful humans of the Living Atman community are kind, inspired, and have incredible stories to share! If you want to meet remarkable people who are living life and loving it, join us at a live event!

Winter Solstice Celebration

THURSDAY, DEC 21 at 7pm

Our last social of the year! An evening of live music, uplifting chants, and nourishing food. Together, let's launch into 2018 with clarity, purpose and joy!

Kundalini Yoga With Pawan

TUESDAY, DEC 12 & 19 at 6PM

Come have an authentic experience of your true self. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try out the yoga that's got everyone feeling oh so good!

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