Svagito, Bentinho, Sky, Naomi Aldort - a few of our wisdom keepers this summer.

✿ Ängsbacka newsletter June 2017 ✿

  • SEXSIBILITY - Theme: Playfulness
  • NO MIND - We welcome "satsang star" Bentinho Massaro
  • SVAGITO - Family Constellation Retreat after No Mind
  • YOGA - Inspiration video "A Tale of Three Yogis"
  • TANTRA - 30 great teachers
  • CONSCIOUS PARENTING FESTIVAL - 1000 SEK discount until June 15
  • MAGIC MOMENTS - Glimpses from last years midsummer.

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1255 humans with a plan

1255 human beings in Sweden, Norway, Holland, Italy, Rumania, Saudi Arabia and 14 other countries have a plan for this summer.

They are bringing their tents from the attic, looking for train tickets and checking the WSL-tabs. They are all coming to No Mind, Yoga, the Ecovillage Conference or some other of our six summer festivals.


How does your summer look like?
Do you have a plan or do you take it day by day?

Count down for the festival summer has begun.
Welcome to relaxation and expansion!

Sexsibility Festival 14-18 June

Theme 2017: Playfulness!

Explore intimacy through compassionate touch, breathing exercises, healing, conversation, sexual ceremonies and tantric partner exercises. Practice communicating, follow your impulses, dare to take initiative, set boundaries, find your power, be held by another and let go.

Welcome to play! Read more and book here.

No Mind Festival ~ 1-8 July

Bentinho Massaro

We are proud to present "satsang star" Bentinho Massaro for No Mind. Bentinho is one of the most influential teachers of our times.

His teachings aim for giving a spark of enlightenment and high frequency for each individual – as well an enlightened humanity by 2035.

Read more about Bentinho Massaro

Family Constellation with Svagito ~ 8-9 July

Famous psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Svagito Liebermeister has been a disciple of Osho since 1980. Right after the No Mind Festival, he will lead a deepening Family Constellation retreat around the themes of Love, Life & Death. Accordingly Svagito, through effective therapy, we can process and integrate a painful personal history that help us to develop strength that we would not otherwise possess.

Read more about Svagito and Family Constellation

Yogafestival 23-29 July

Theme 2017: Relax & Restore & Retreat ~ Reduced price until May 31

Click on the picture to read more about the teachers!

Tantra 1-6 Aug ~ Reduced price until June 20

Meet 3 of our 30 great tantra teachers. Click pic to read more!

The festival also features:

Ma Ananda SaritaLin Holmquist ★ Kamala Devi ★ Andy Buru ★ Shashi Solluna ★ Kobi ★ Rachel Rickards & Buster Rådvik ★ Kåre LandfaldEugene HedlundÅsa KullbergSmrati Skog ★ Tim Jago ★ Tristan & Yulia Glinski ★ Fredrik Swahn ★ Mira DakiniMonique Darling ★ Ohad ★ Hajnalka Eastern WindGustav GårdlundFia Forsström

Conscious Parenting Festival 20-24 Sept

An event for families to grow strong and have time together in a relaxed and creative way. Come and get support in everyday life. Meet and share ideas, insights and real life family stories...

1000 SEK Early Bird discount until June 15

Festival Deepening: "Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves"

Course with Naomi Aldort 24 -27 Sept  "Bringing peace, connection and joy into the challenges of living with children."

Read more about the course here!

Read more about floating here!

Wanted - Volunteers!

Love in action

We are still looking for more volunteers for the summer. Come and join the fun, the meaningful work and the community spirit for one or many festival camps.

Click here to apply!

Special volunteer roles - are you the one?

  • Housekeeping assistant
  • Kitchen Manager Assistant
  • Garden coordinator
  • Economy assistant/trainee
  • Marketing assistant - copywriting and webdesign.
  • Booking assistant
  • Well-being coordinator
  • Heavy dishes (grovdisk)
  • Receptionist
  • Chai Tent keeper
  • Nurse

Courses at Ängsbacka - July to September

The Gift of Womanhood
Primal Permission
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
Tantra Heart Immersion
ISTA Level 1 & 2
Tantric Dating Masterclass

Magic Moments - Midsummer 2016

Read about this year´s Midsummer Festival here!

Have a great summer! / Magnus, Linda and Sera in Ängsbacka's Newsletter Team.

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