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Oh, man . . . (literally) I was hoping to give the husbands a fair fight. So far, Kyle and Jake are well matched to duke it out. Thank you again so much for your votes! I am totally loving the way you're steering the story. 

On this week's episode, we find out that some things are better left unspoken and you'll get to meet Natalie's best friend, Sloan. But first, check out this interview I did with the Hangin With Web Show when I was in Florida last month for the Space Coast Book Lovers Signing. 

I know it's been about a week since most of you read episode two. So here's a quick recap (WARNING! Spoilers from Ep. 2!!):

Jake showed up at Natalie's office to announce he got the contractor gig. To celebrate, Kyle, Natalie, and Jake head over to a restaurant where Kyle and Natalie had their first date many years ago . . . They can't agree on what really happened that night. But good thing, I'm writing flashbacks.

But good thing, I'm writing flashbacks (Queue montage music)

Kyle and Natalie think they're in for a nice evening when Jake shows up on his own date. Jake and Natalie spend half the time in a flirt-off from across the room. But Jake isn't the only one who crashes the party. Christine, Kyle's most recent girlfriend is now a waitress at the restaurant and is clearly not over the breakup. Jake tries to help but the guys end up getting a glass of wine thrown in their faces. 

Has Natalie had enough? Or does she want to keep seeing Kyle? Find out now on My Two Husbands- Episode Three!

Episode Three


Jake only had a few sips of his champagne before handing it off to me. I down his leftovers and my glass within minutes. Ever since Jake announced his meeting this morning, Kyle’s been a little weird around Jake. It’s like somehow the dynamic has shifted, and frankly, it’s making me uncomfortable. So I keep filling my glass with bubbly spirits until my husband and I finish the entire bottle. And by this time, I’m not only comfortable but I’m feeling enamored with both of them—my two handsome husbands.

My chocolate cake arrives at the table. Apparently, I’m the only one who left room for dessert—though I don’t know how after all that champagne. The guys are engaged in some conversation about football when I dive into my fluffy, warm treat. The velvety richness melts on my tongue and a rush surges through my body. It’s probably a sugar rush but it feels like heaven. “Mmm,” I moan and the guys shoot me strange looks. “You have to try this. It’s better than sex,” I manage to say, my tongue sticky with frosting.

Kyle’s face turns pink and he blinks a few times. “Natalie.”

Uh-oh. I’ve offended him. “Sorry, honey, I didn’t mean that it’s better than sex with you. I just meant that this cake is orgasmic. You’re great in bed.” And that’s the truth.

Jake clears his throat.

Oh, shit. Now I’ve offended him.

“Sorry, Jake,” I start. “You’re also great in . . .” I trail off and stuff another bite of cake in my mouth if only to shut me up.

Okay, note to self, no getting drunk around the husband and the ex. 

Jake cracks a smile and snickers. He already knows he’s great in bed. Amazing actually. Like, I almost want to pimp him out he’s so good. What is it about bad boys being good in bed?

“You got some chocolate on your lip.” Jake leans in, holding his thumb up to my face when Kyle swiftly swipes the corner of my mouth with his cloth napkin.

“I got it,” Kyle says and shoots Jake a look that says keep your hands off my wife. I gulp a piece of cake back. In retrospect, maybe this dinner wasn’t such a great idea. But it’s kinda funny, I mean, Kyle has nothing to worry about. I’m his through and through. I know it. And Jake knows it too. But Kyle’s death stare doesn’t back down.

I’m sure under more sober circumstances I would diffuse the situation by changing the subject. But sobriety is about six hours away, so instead, I press my lips together and unsuccessfully stifle a laugh.

Jake and Kyle whip their heads in my direction looking half surprised and half appalled.

“You should see the looks on your faces.” I slap my hand over my mouth.

Kyle places the napkin on the table. “Okay, I think it’s time to get you out of here.”

“But I haven’t finished my cake.”

“I’ll get a box and meet you guys in the car,” Jake says, rising to his feet and pulling his wallet out from his back pocket.

“Thanks, man.” Kyle ties his arm around my waist and I lean on him as we walk out to the parking lot. “You doing okay?”

“I’m doin’ just fine.” My speech is slurred worse than when I had a mouth full of frosting. “Can’t you tell?”

He smiles and shakes his head. “Yeah, I think the whole restaurant could tell.”

I put my hands over my mouth. “Sorry, if I embarrassed you with the cake sex thing.”

“That’s okay. I know I’m better than a piece of cake.” Kyle’s finger runs softly over my shoulder shooting a shiver up my spine. “But just to be sure, we should go home and test it.” He leans in kissing the crook of my neck and slides his hands down my hips. A moment later, I find myself pressed against his car and I can feel just how excited he is to get home.

It’s been a while since we kissed like this outside of a restaurant. When we first got together, Kyle and I would go at it every chance we got. But after our wedding and with me working so hard to expand my business, our passion hasn’t exactly been a priority. I pull him closer to me, taking a fist full of his shirt, wanting to tear it off. Glad we still got it.

Kyle opens the door to the backseat and we climb inside. Then his hands begin climbing beneath my dress.

 “What are you doing?” I ask, giggling.

He smiles and kisses me. “What? A man can’t sit in the backseat with his wife?”

“Yes, but we’re not exactly sitting and Jake’s going to be back any second,” I say, hushed.

“All right. I’ll wait.” He sits back and adjusts the crotch of his pants just as there’s a knock on the window.

Jake hovers over the glass, holding a white takeout box as Kyle rolls down the window. “What’s goin’ on?”

“I’m pretty tipsy. Would you mind driving?” Kyle asks taking the box from him.

Jake glances at me, then back at Kyle. “Sure.” He makes his way to the front seat and I hear the buckle of his seatbelt. Somehow, I’ve sobered up enough to keep my mouth shut. And I’m not the only one playing the quiet game. The ride home is utterly silent. Not even the engine makes a sound. But that doesn’t stop Kyle from shooting me I can’t wait to take your clothes off looks.   

When we pull up to the house, Jake shuts off the engine and tosses the keys to Kyle in the backseat.

“You guys have a good night.”

“Night!” we call as he gets out of the car and slams the door shut.

Once he’s disappeared around the back of the house, Kyle turns to me with a devilish look in his eyes. “Mm, now we’re alone.” He throws off his seatbelt and dives into me.

I push him off. “The neighbors might see. Let’s go inside.” Okay, I’m not as worried about the neighbors as I am about Jake coming back out to the driveway. Even though I don’t love him that way anymore, I would hate catching him sleeping with someone else. And I’m sure he feels the same about me. The funny thing is, I don’t think he’s been with anyone else since we broke up. And if that’s true, I can’t even imagine the fiery passion he’d release onto the next woman. Whoever she is, I’m a little jealous. There’s nothing like standing in front of a man you’re dying to have and see that wild look in his eyes that says, “Your satisfaction is the only thing that matters . . . now and forever.” He did it so well, I used to think that Jake invented that look.  

Kyle and I rush up the stairs to the master bedroom. We’ve got the whole sexy time thing down. He lights the candles while I start the smooth R&B playlist. I turn down the sheets and toss the throw pillows off the bed while he ditches his socks. But tonight, we skip that part. Tonight my satisfaction seems to be the only thing that matters to him. He slams the door shut and presses me against it, his mouth locked on mine as he hoists me up. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I let out a moan with a slight giggle. Feels good to be wanted this much.

Kyle carries me to the bed, finding his way in the pitch-black room. The buzz from the champagne makes my skin tingles at his touch. Between his tongue and his hands, he’s got all the hot spots covered. I roll my head back into the mattress as his tongue flicks against my nipple. In one quick motion, he tugs my dress off my shoulders and slides the soft fabric down my body.

“I think you like it in the dark,” Kyle says in a low growl, followed by the scratch of his zipper.

I push my thong down my hips and run the edge of my foot against his firm torso. “Mmhmm.” The thing about having sex in the dark is everything is a surprise because you can’t see it coming. And as he lies down on top of me, I can feel the full-size surprise coming for me. It’s like he’s bigger, stronger in the dark.

The rush of him zooms over my body as he thrusts into me. His heavy breath tickles my ear and I dig my teeth into his muscular shoulder. He grunts a moan. Hmm, I didn’t know he likes that.

I’m not much of a biter, at least I’m not really a biter with Kyle. Jake and I left all kinds of sex marks on each other’s bodies.  

“Oh, I’m close,” I whisper, feeling my body surrender to the drunken pleasure. He kisses me so hard, I struggle to breathe. A current of alcohol flows through my brain. The ecstasy of it all is too much. I have to let go.  

A wave explodes inside me, rippling throughout my entire being, and I let it out. “Oh, Jake.”

Kyle’s hips freeze as if hitting the pause button on a movie. “What did you say?”

“Huh?” I open my eyes, and even in the dark, I can tell my husband has a very disturbed look on his face.  

“You just called me Jake.”

My cheeks feel beet red and I slap my hand over my mouth. Did I? No. I couldn’t have. “Seriously?”

He pushes himself off of me and I know the party’s over.





I stare at Kyle in the parking lot of Red Fish, Blue Fish, wondering if I should give this another shot.

What do they say?

Three times a charm?

At the same time, I’ve got this nagging feeling in my gut, and it’s not just because I’m still hungry.

I take Kyle’s hand. “Look, you’re a really nice guy, but I can’t ignore the signs. This just isn’t meant to be.”

“And what if it is? We’ll never know if we don’t try.”

Try? I’ve been on half a date with this guy and he wants me to fight for him.

No. I don’t think so.  

I shrug. “This just isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m sorry. Thanks for the wine.”

He doesn’t seem deterred by my statement and I almost wonder if he heard me. “You sure you don’t want me to take you somewhere else?”

 “Yeah, I’m sure.”  I lean in and kiss his cheek. “Goodbye, Kyle.”

His eyes fall to the ground for a moment, and I walk away from the restaurant until I’m completely out of view, then called a cab to take me home.


I gotta say, closing is probably my favorite part of the entire real estate process. There’s nothing better than watching your client sign a gazillon forms and knowing that your paycheck isn’t far behind.

Today is closing day, which is the highlight of my week, especially after that date. Sloan, my client, marks her bubbly signature and initials on each page with bright blue ink. Her chunky bracelets knock against the desk with every swoop of her letters. She’s about my age, recently landed a marketing job at a vacation rental firm, and she’s purchasing a condo with a small down payment that she got when her grandfather passed away five months ago. A woman in her early-twenties that invests a sum like that instead of spending it on shoes and nights out at the club is freaking awesome in my book.  

Before the ink is dry on the last page, they hand her the keys and I snap a photo for my webpage.

“So, what are you up to now?” she asks as I walk her out of the air-conditioned office. Her brightly colored dress swishes around her thighs. Wish I could pull off bold teal colors like she can.

I shrug. “I’m gonna take this paperwork back to the office. You?”

“I’m celebrating, duh! Why don’t you come with? Meet me at my condo say . . . in an hour. We can drink margaritas!” Sloan sings the word margaritas.

What can I say, she’s made me an offer I can’t refuse. “I think I can swing that. I’ll bring chips and salsa.”

“That’s my girl!” She wraps her arms around me and I’m engulfed in her Juicy Couture perfume. “Thank you for finding me the most perfect condo and negotiating that insanely low price. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“You’re welcome, Sloan. Just tell your friends. Or maybe your parent’s friends.”

She laughs. “You got it!”

I show up at her place with snacks and a pretty houseplant—a little tip I picked up from another agent. This way, whenever they look at the plant they’ll think about the real estate agent that got them their house. As opposed to a gift basket filled with items that they’d consume and then toss in the garbage to be lost forever.  Of course, my plan only works if they take care of it. So I stick to the really hard-to-kill plants.

“Oh, awesome, my first fern,” Sloan says taking the plant from my arms. The fact that she knows what it is tells me that her little fern will grow big and strong, just like my business.

My heels echo on the tile floor, bouncing against the bare white walls. A couple of folded beach towels are placed near the back patio door. She invites me to sit and hands me a chilled bottle of some kind of margarita wine cooler. “Bottoms up!”

After she tells me her plans for the place, which sound gorgeous—I should have her help me with my little house—she asks if I’m dating anyone.  

“No,” I say, “The last date I had was awful.”

Sloan’s brow wrinkles. “What man would dare take you on a bad date?”

I giggle. “Well, I don’t think it was his intention but . . .”

Her bottle floats away from her mouth. “But what?”

“His best friend kept showing up and ya know, he . . . rattles me.”

“Well, that sounds promising.”

I shake my head. “No way. He’s a total ass. He spent the entire time staring at me from across the restaurant flirting with his date like he wanted to make me jealous or something.”

“Well, did it work?”

“Yeah, but only because I was feeling frisky and my date was being a perfect gentleman.”

“Natalie, I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. I think you want to fuck the best friend.”

“I don’t.” I really don’t. “But even if I did, that would be too complicated.”

“That’s why you have to keep it simple, like me. I’m dating about four guys. Not exclusively, obviously.”

“How do you juggle all those men?”

“It was challenging at first but then I got them on a rotating schedule. Monday’s I play tennis with Evan, Fridays I go dancing with Marco, Sundays I sail with Charles, and every other Saturday, I take a day trip to the keys with Leo.” Sloan may be the most successful twenty-something year old I’ve ever met.

“You sound really organized.”

She scoffs. “Uh, you wouldn’t say that if you saw my desk at work.”

“What happened? One of your four dates threw everything on the floor so you could have desk sex?” I giggle.

She nods, blushing. “Yeah. Let’s go with that.”


It’s about two weeks after my fiasco of a date with Kyle when I head over to the new build to get a couple more updated photos for the listing. When I pull up to the house, there’s no sign of contractors or anyone else. I plug the code into the lockbox and let myself in. As the door opens wider and wider, the almost finished home is revealed. By the looks of the foyer, I’d never know it was a work zone. I snap some photos with my digital camera. I bet this place will sell in a flash as soon as I get these on the internet.

Making my way through the space, I walk out through the sliding back door to the screened-in patio and pool.

“Hey, Quinn,” a man’s voice calls.

What the  . . .

I look up. Jake is sitting on the edge of the pool with his jeans rolled up and his feet dangling in the water.

“Um, what are you doing?”

“I left my hammer here earlier and it’s like ninety-eight degrees with the humidity, so I figured someone should enjoy the pool.”

Why does this dude keep showing up? “You really shouldn’t be here.”

“Well, what are you doing here?” he asks with a suspicious glare in his eyes.  

I fold in my arms. “This is my listing. I don’t have to tell you why I’m here.”

He nods. “That’s fair. So, I guess things didn’t work out with Kyle, huh?”

“You were there. As always.” I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, that was weird, right.” Jake scratches his shoulder and his bicep swells in his white tee.

“Yeah, how is Kyle?”

“He’s good. Believe it or not, he started back up with Christine.”

“The waitress from the restaurant?” Maybe that’s for the best.

Jake nods and I wipe a little sweat from my hairline. “C’mon and put your feet in.”

“No, I have to go.”

“Where?” he asks. “Quick, make up a lie.”

I shake my head and blurt, “I have to update the pictures of this place.”

“Is it urgent?”

“No, but—“

“Then put your feet in.” He gestures at the pool with a condescending look in his eyes.

I let out a sigh. In his defense, it is effing hot. I slip out of my pumps then walk to the edge of the pool.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were such a rule breaker,” he jokes.

“Shut up.” I sneer and sit on the edge. The cold water spikes my skin at first but then soothes it. “You know what I don’t understand?”


“Why do you keep showing up everywhere? Are you stalking me?”

He chuckles. “If I was going to stalk someone it’d be Megan Fox, not you. Maybe you’re the one who’s stalking me. Did you ever think of that?”

“In your dreams, Jake.” I splash a little water his way and it splatters on his shirt.

“Oh, you wanna play, huh?” Jake rises to his feet, his legs dripping with chlorinated water as he takes a few wide steps back. He dashes toward the pool and cannonballs his body in the water. A small wave rushes over my lap, leaving huge water spots on my skirt and blouse.

“Are you crazy?” I yell.

Jake shakes out his hair like a wet dog. “Hey, you started it.” Wading around the water, he floats in front of me. “Jump in, it feels great.”

“No,” I say. “I’m not swimming in my clothes.”

“Who said anything about keeping your clothes on? See.” Jake pulls off his shirt and tosses the soaking cotton onto the concrete patio.

I flatten my lips, trying like hell not to blush. Even with the water beveling around him, I can still see his six-pack. Of course he’s built like a Greek god. “No, it’s bad enough I’m even letting this happen.”

“C’mon, Quinn. Have a little fun. I know you want to.”


He glides up to me, takes my foot, and slides his hand up my legs. “C’mon please? Just this once.” A shiver runs from my toes up my spine. I let myself look into his dark eyes. For just a second, I let my guard down. But that’s all the surrender he needs to grab my waist and yank me into the pool. Nothing like cold water to shake you out of a trance. My head pops out above the surface and I gasp for air.

Gritting my teeth, I clear my eyes. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“I bet you feel better though, don’t you?”

I might be seventy-something degrees on the outside but on the inside I’m burning up. I huff, narrowing my now smudged-mascara eyes at him.

“You’re in here now, might as well enjoy it.” He swims up to me, his chin dragging across the water. “You know, you’re cute when you’re all wet.”

I swallow hard. How I ended up in this pool with Jake Bruno, I’ll never really know. But as I look into his brown eyes, wanting to swim in them, I will myself to let go. Maybe there is a reason he keeps showing up. And I don’t even have to try.  

I make a wave with my arm and splash the cold water in his face. “Yeah, you’re not so bad either when you’re soaked.”

“Hey!” He grabs me by the waist and pulls me in like I’m weightless. I scream like a giddy teen as he lifts me up. He’s definitely about to toss me in the deep end. But he doesn’t. Instead, he lowers me slowly, his eyes drawing up my body to my pink, parted mouth. I wet my lower lip, tugging on it with my teeth as I feel his breath draw closer. With my hands resting on his cool chest, he leans in until I have no choice but to let our lips meet. His mouth is cool but his tongue is warm and delicious. My head floods with pleasure as if this was the kiss I’d been waiting for all this time. In this moment, my job, his job, the pool, the bad date, all of it disappears, and the only thing that matters is now, kissing Jake Bruno in someone else’s pool.


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