Artsy University Step-by-steps for Snow Friends

Snow Friends

You Will Need:

Acrylic paints:

  • Burnt Sienna
  • Raw Sienna
  • Burnt Umber
  • Bright Red
  • Mars Black
  • Titanium White
  • Phthalo Green


  • Large background bristle brush
  • Large Flat Brush
  • Small Flat Brush
  • Small Round Detail Brush


  • Pencil or Chalk

Start with the large background bristle brush and double load brush as shown with Titanium white and raw sienna.

Cover the entire canvas with random paint strokes of double loaded brush of raw sienna and titanium white until canvas is as pictured. The canvas should be relatively light.

Crumple a paper towel into a small ball. Dip the paper towel ball into the raw umber. Tap the paper towel ball against the canvas and apply on the background as shown. A sea sponge can also be used to create the same effect. Blow the canvas dry. Once canvas is dry, use a pencil or piece of chalk to draw the snowman and bird as shown.

Use the large flat brush and block in the hat and buttons in mars black paint. Trace the flower on the hat. Rinse brush and double load with titanium white and phthalo green. Paint in the scarf with double loaded brush. Do not over blend on the canvas, but allow colors to mix. Without rinsing the brush, pick up titanium white and highlight the bottom edges of the scarf.

Switch to the small flat brush and to begin blocking in colors. Apply titanium white to the snowman’s face and body. Do not worry if some of the background shows through. Rinse brush and block in the bird, hat strip, and center of the flower with bright red. Rinse brush and block in the snowman’s nose with burnt sienna. Rinse brush and use phthalo green to paint in the flower on the top hat and to create darker areas and shadows on the scarf.

Dry brush mars black into the base of the carrot and to create the shading on the bottom of the carrot. (Ignore white stripes to carrot.) Rinse brush.

Next, begin shading the snowman using a watered down burnt umber. Apply to the bottom edges of the snowman’s face and beneath the brim of the hat. Using a little less water with the burnt umber, apply the darkened color to area beneath the scarf on the left side and to define the arm on the right.

Mix bright red with mars black to create darker shade of red and apply to the bird’s head and underbelly to created rounded appearance. Apply to the hat stripe to create shadows.

Mix phthalo green with mars black to create deeper green and apply to scarf as shown to create the more defined layering of the scarf. Blow the canvas dry.

Switch to a smaller brush and paint in the eyes of the snowman, the bird’s beak, feet, and eyes with mars black. Highlight the scarf and flower with mars black. Rinse brush. Highlight snowman’s hat, eyes, scarf, and buttons with titanium white. Blow the canvas dry.

Now you are finished!