I'm a little late getting this email together because I'm up in Iowa this weekend visiting family. We'll be here next week through the Independence Day holiday, so that means plenty of fun, plenty of fireworks, and plenty of time to write on the new book I just started.

I've got two pieces of entertainment to share with you today.



First up, I had a great conversation with sci-fi author Jason Werbeloff, where we wax philosophical about the Netflix TV show, Altered Carbon, and the novel of the same name that inspired it.

We recorded the video for you to watch:

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I've got more of these sorts of interviews planned, but I'm curious: What would you like to see me talk about? It can be a book, a movie, a theme/trope in science fiction, or anything else you're curious about. Respond via email or hit me up on social to let me know.



This week's book features space marines, gateways to the stars, and ancient shapeshifting dragons: an action-packed sci-fi/fantasy crossover by author Justin Sloan.

Earth’s first journey through a gateway to the stars unlocks a great evil, but equally great potential.

Check out Star Forged (Ascension Gate Book 1).


Hope you enjoy the video and the story,
- M.G. Herron


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