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In May, the list of delegates selected to participate in the 9th Annual Assembly of the EaP CSF in Tallinn was finalised by the Steering Committee and published on the EaP CSF website. Two EaP CSF Working Groups met in Brussels: WG1 meeting focused on risks and opportunities for the civil society and human rights protection, WG3 meeting debated the pertinent environmental and energy issues. The EaP CSF also raised concerns about the elections in  Armenia and changes to electoral legislation in Moldova.

Annual Assembly

Participants Selected for the 9th Annual Assembly

This year, 168 organisations have been selected out of 469 applicants to participate to the 2017 Annual Assembly of the EaP CSF, which will be held in Tallinn on 25-27 October. The selection procedure included shortlisting by the Country Facilitators in conjunction with the National Platforms, Working Group Coordinators, and the European Union Delegations.

24,8% of the selected delegates going to Tallinn have not attended the Annual Assembly in Brussels in 2016, whereas 23,5% of the selected organisations are new participants who have never attended any of the previous Annual Assemblies.

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5th Eastern Partnership Summit

EaP CSF Analysis of the EU Paper on 20 Eastern Partnership Deliverables for 2020

The EaP CSF produced a detailed commentary to the Joint Staff Working Document (JSWD) “Eastern Partnership – Focusing on key priorities and deliverables”, issued by the European Commission and the European External Action Services in December 2016.

Each of the deliverables contains milestones to be achieved by the next 2017 EaP Summit, targets by 2020, main actors responsible for their achievement and implementation means.

The policy brief focuses on the proposed key priorities for 13 major deliverables by analysing the following aspects:

  • Feasibility: is the implementation of a given target set by 2020 realistic?
  • Ambitiousness: is the target set by 2020 ambitious enough?
  • Appropriateness: should more appropriate targets and benchmarks be suggested?
  • Risks: are there obstacles that could turn the target set for 2020 unrealistic?
  • Differentiation: what impact could the achievement of a given target have in a particular EaP country?

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EaP CSF Policy Brief 

Topics in Focus

Electoral Process

Popular discontent in Moldova


Moldovan Civil Society Strongly Condemned the Proposed Changes in the Electoral System

The EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform issued a report presenting a mid-term evaluation on the implementation of the EU Association Agreement, as well as the results of public policies monitoring within various civil society projects.

Anti-corruption, media freedom and human rights issues are outlined in the report as the main areas that raise concerns, along with the recent attempts to amend the electoral system. Their implementation would weaken Parliament’s legitimacy, increase discrimination and corruption in the management of public funds and result in the disproportionate role of judiciary in the electoral process. Along with the 5th May Declaration opposing the changes, the Moldovan civil society also publicly appealed to international officials, to ensure the freedom of movement and peaceful assembly.

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Parliamentary Republic in Armenia


Analyzing the Parliament's Role in the New Parliamentary Republic through the Recent Elections

On 10 May 2017, the EaP CSF in partnership with the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) organised the event “Landmark elections in Armenia: turning the tide or preserving the status quo?”.

The discussion brought together civil society experts and institutional partners who exchanged their opinions on the first parliamentary elections in Armenia since the country's shift to a parliamentary republic. Even though the unprecedented support from the EU allowed for a more transparent process and overall satisfactory results, the electoral process shed light on the significant challenges that the Armenian society is still facing and that the speakers sought to highlight in their interventions.

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Enabling Environment for Civil Society

Working Group 1 Meeting on Risks and Opportunities for Civil Society


WG1 Met in Brussels to Define Priorities on Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance

On 11-12 May, the WG1 meeting brought together around 60 working group members from the Eastern Partnership and the EU countries. With one public session and two public side-events, the meeting was mostly dedicated to discussing the EaP CSF strategy and internal reform, as well as the contribution to the 5th EaP Summit.

Representatives from the EEAS, DG NEAR, and the European Parliament, as well as NGOs, foundations and think-tanks shared their views on the current situation and a way forward to overcome the current constraints faced by CSOs, prioritise their objectives, and facilitate their work.

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Working Group 3 Meeting on Green Economy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change


Luxembourg Action Plan, EaP CSF Policy Brief and Energy Issues Discussed in Brussels at WG3 Meeting

The EaP CSF Working Group 3 held its annual meeting on 29-30 May in Brussels, which also saw the participation of officials from the EEAS, DG NEAR and DG ENER

During the meeting, the participants discussed the Action Plan on Luxembourg Declaration, the EU’s Joint Staff Working Document 20 deliverables for 2020 and the EaP CSF Policy Brief, followed by exchange with the external stakeholders. Internal sessions focused on the presentation of results (EaP CSF 2017 re-granting, EaP Index), as well as on defining priorities for the Civil Society Declaration and also included a debate on the review of the EaP CSF Strategy and Forum's internal operational level. 

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Transparency of EU funding


Armenian National Platform Condemned Mismanagement of EU-funded Projects

The EaP CSF Armenian National Platform issued a statement expressing deep concern over the cases of corruption and fraud within EU-funded projects. The NP welcomed the activities of the EU delegation to Armenia, aimed at tackling crimes and violations, however it also called on the EU to follow more closely the process of fund allocation and to provide for independent and competent monitoring.

The ANP, in its turn, commits to take a more active stance in promoting collaboration among the Armenian civil society actors and undertakes responsibility to further encourage a transparent management of EU funds.

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Members Corner


EU4Youth Grant Scheme

The project fosters the active participation of young people in society and their employability, by developing youth leadership and entrepreneurship through a variety of actions, including capacity building, fellowships, support to policy dialogue, as well as providing grants to organisations active in these areas.
You can apply here by 11 July 2017.

Civil Society Leadership Awards

The Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) provides fully-funded scholarships for master’s degree study to individuals who clearly demonstrate academic and professional excellence and a deep commitment to leading positive social change in their communities. Competition for the Civil Society Leadership Awards is open and merit-based. Selection is based on an applicant’s fit with the program’s objectives as well as the graduate admissions criteria of the participating universities. You can apply here by 15 July 2017.

Upcoming Meetings

20-21 June: Working Group 4 Meeting, Warsaw

22-23 June: EaP Youth Forum, Warsaw

23 June: EaP 17th Platform 3 on Energy Security, Brussels

6-8 July: Steering Committee Meeting

10 July: Working Group 5 Meeting, Brussels

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