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Meet Me at the Get Out the Vote Rally Tomorrow

Activists and grassroots Democrats in PA-08

Activists and grassroots Democrats will rally TOMORROW, Friday, September 29th  at 4:30pm to unite behind 2017’s state, county, and local candidates.  

Biochemist John Mack, candidate for Newtown Township Supervisor, will be on hand to address the crowd on the vital importance of electing local Democrats this November to carry forward the fight against drug addiction, protect the environment, and do all the other things vital to improving our communities.

The event will take place outside of Fitzpatrick’s Langhorne office (1 Summit Square, Langhorne, PA) and will give attendees the opportunity to send a message to Fitzpatrick that he will be held accountable all the way to Election Day 2018.  

Importance of the 2017 Bucks County Election

Getting Out the Vote This Year Will Increase Our Chances for Success in 2018!

[Submitted by By Joe Jacobson, Brown Miller Group, Field Organizer for Lower Bucks County Democrats]

Labeled by Politico as “The Suburb That Could Flip the House,” and by CNN as one of the eleven most critical battleground areas in the country, Bucks County, Pennsylvania is crucial for the 2018 and 2020 elections. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the County by 0.8%, the lowest margin of victory for a Democrat since 1988, the last time a Republican presidential candidate took home Bucks (and Pennsylvania before 2016).

Democrats cannot wait until the 2018 and 2020 elections to build the grassroots infrastructure needed to secure victory; they must build now during the 2017 county elections. This includes investing in local and county races, as theory and research suggests that higher voter turnout during county elections leads to higher voter turnout in the following mid-term or presidential election.

In Bucks County, a 1% increase in county general election turnout during the year prior to a general mid-term or presidential election leads to, on average, a 0.46% increase in turnout for that subsequent federal election (see Figure).

One reason for this association stems from promoting consistent voting behavior that increases the likelihood of a person’s future civic engagement. Further, committed volunteers, local/county election winners, and other key members of the community can more effectively fundraise and influence their neighbors/constituents to participate in politics. Individuals such as the Koch Brothers have invested in this type of grassroots politics, which has led to their success in affecting policy at all levels of government.

Indeed, Democrats cannot rely on heavy spending during federal election years to overcome for an absence of grassroots party building. For Democrats, winning the 8th Congressional District in 2018 requires a commitment of time, money, and resources into the 2017 Bucks County elections.


Ruthann and Bill Butterfield, Country Bend, Newtown

"John has worked very hard for our neighborhood and has done a lot in a very short time as a board member and we are very confident he will work just as hard for the township and will make positive changes for the community."

We enjoyed the craft beers at the recent Newtown Beer Fest in support of the Newtown Fire Association.

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