May 2017 Newsletter

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Finally getting things done.

I'm happy to report that April was a very productive month. Probably the most productive I've had in a while. During the first week or so of the month, I finished writing my NaNoWriMo project, No Chance Meeting. I was so happy to get it done, especially since it was a book I had never planned to write. It just popped into my head in October last year, and, well, things just took off from there.

Since I could finally set that project aside to rest, I spent the rest of Camp NaNoWriMo working hard on editing Exiles. I edited over 86,000 words and finished this round of editing.

This means that I'm passing the book on to my beta readers. For a while there, it felt like it was never going to happen. :P Such is life lately. But it all comes together in the end.

That leads me to a big announcement: Exiles has a release date AND is available for pre-order (Kindle edition)!

Pre-Order Now!

Ah, yes, I can see all of my readers rejoicing now. ;)

"You are a writer. The 'normal' ship sailed without you long ago." - Terri Main

Book Updates

So just because Exiles is out of my hands for the next month doesn't mean I have nothing to do. Nope, this gives me a chance to dive into writing the sixth and final book of Ilyon Chronicles!

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So for this session, I'm going to be answering the quesitons, partly because I'm running out of character question, and I just got a couple interesting questions the other day.

So these questions come from Cheyenne. First she asks, "Are there any good ryriks or is it only possible with half-bloods like Jace?"

I've gotten this question a lot, actually, and have never really answered it. So let me officially answer it for everyone here and now: you'll have to wait and see. *evil author laugh*

I'm sorry (sort of), but that's all I can say. Her second question was about the different races and cultures in Ilyon. "I know you mentioned before that cretes were based off of Native Americans and elves, and that there are elements of Roman culture in Arcacia. Were any of the other races or places based off a certain culture in respects to how their culture is and how they live?"

As you'll see in upcoming books (specifically, Exiles), I based the giants on a mix of dwarves (ironic, I know) and Norse culture (which I guess is also kind of ironic considering my giants are very passive people).

Then there are the talcrins. I based their culture heavily on Ancient Greece. Elements of their flowy clothing were taken from the Greeks as well as their love for knowledge and arts. Though their home country of Arda is never shown in the books, I picture them living in beautiful white houses along the coast like you see in Greece.

If you want to see more character Q&As, make sure you send me your questions!


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Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

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