Are you ready for race day? As a runner you're probably training for a big race which means you should be prepared for your race!

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May 27, 2018 Newsletter

Are You Race Day Ready?

I love this time of year, it seems like everyone is either racing or training for a big race. When you're training you log hundreds of miles. You've probably put aside social engagements, sleeping in and other sacrifices while you were training, which means it makes sense to put together a plan for race day.

When I talk about putting together a race day plan I'm talking about preparation and strategy. I'll get into both in more detail but basically preparation is doing all the work to be prepared for race day, eg) knowing what you need to bring, where to park, ect. Strategy is how you're going to run your race. Whatever the race you're running I think it's important to have a strategy or plan for it.

Race preparation is something every runner does, even if they don't think of it as race preparation. This would include picking up your race kit, picking out what clothes you'll wear, packing your bag, planning how you'll get to and from the race. Larger races have race expos where you pick up your race kit. I recommend reviewing the race website with the race day information prior to going to the expo. This way you can ask any questions you have that aren't answered on the website when you're at the expo. I also recommend writing out a check list of everything you'll need for your race. This will help ensure you don't arrive at the start line without something you need. Everyone's list will be different but here's some ideas to get you started:

-race outfit, lay it out and make sure you have everything you need.

-fuel/water, include what you need before, during and after your race

-change of clothes. I recommend a full change of clothes post race.

-money, id, keys, phone

-where you will park/how you're getting to the start line

-sunscreen, lip balm, vaseline, band aids

-watch/gps, heart rate monitor

I recommend making your own check list and test it out , make changes and keep it for your future races. As we all have different race needs a personalized checklist is best.

Race strategy is your plan on how you will run your race. I like to start race strategy planning during your taper. When you're running less chances are you might get antsy so crank up your mental running game and plan your strategy. During your taper look over your training logs, especially your tempo runs to see what your pace has been. This information can help you determine if your time goal is realistic or if you need to adjust it. Going over your training logs is also a good mental boost for your run, it shows you that you've put in the miles and that you're ready for your race.

Once you have reviewed your time goal, and training logs it's time to plan how you want to run your race. There are several strategies you can use. You can run a steady pace for the whole race, run/walk intervals, negative splits or use a pace bunny. Your strategy will need to be something that fits you, there's not right or wrong strategy and the ones I've listed aren't the only ones you can use. Having a plan will help reduce your pre-race worries because you know how you plan to reach your goal.

Now that you have a time goal and a race plan I recommend visualization. Take the race course map and study it, learn the course. Take time before bed each night and visualize yourself on the course executing your race plan on the course. Running a race, especially a long distance race is as much as a mental race as a physical race. Use your pre-race jitters and extra time with tapering to tune up your mental game.

What do you do to get ready for race day? Do you put time into making a plan for race day? If you have any questions send me an e-mail or reach out on social media.

Weekly Challenge: Race Check List

This week I'm challenging you to make a race checklist. There's a good chance you'll probably be running a race this year so why not start early on your preparation. Sit down either with a pen and paper or on the computer and make a check list of everything you need to run a race. Be detailed! You can then use this check list when you're getting ready to race.

You can use my suggestions above to get your list started, make really take the time to make your check list your own.

Let me know how this challenge goes. If you need help send me an e-mail or reach out on social media.

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