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Change of Annual Leave - Update 1 (Replies)


Hi All,

My company agrees to revise policy of Annual leave to 14 days instead of 10 days w.e.f. 2018.

(1) Does this apply only to employee that joins the company from 1/1/2018 onwards? How about existing employees who had joined earlier and already signed the letter of employment with 10 days annual leave.

(2) Can company just grant those that join on 1/1/2018 with 14 days and make no change to the existing employees?

(3) What is the common practice?

Please share your views.




If the benefit is going to be better, then all employees should be entitled. Unless you are reducing the annual leave, then you can apply it to only new staff.




We experienced the same situation, see below for what we did for your reference:- 

New employee joined after the effective date – follow the new leave entitlement

Existing employee -  pro-rated their current year leave entitlement as per the new entitlement from the effective date based on their year of service, no backdate for the previous year(s).




1) The changes should be applicable to all including the existing employees.

2) It would be right or fair to the existing employees



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