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Well hello there, 

What a week! I've got bags under my eyes, and callouses on my fingertips from all the typing. As a result, book two is well on its way to completion - hooray!

Meanwhile, Recreance has been getting some unexpected love from the critics. I was so excited about these that I just had to share!

"A deftly written and impressively engaging read from cover to cover."
The Midwest Book Review

"The world building is expertly done and the creatures that Chambers has come up with are simply bad ass."
In The Sheets (Brendan Cooney)

"It's in the differences between this epic and others that makes it special."
Jaffalogue (Jaffa Kintigh)

How cool is that?? Made my week :)

I'd also like to deliver a massive THANK YOU to all those who left reviews for Recreance on goodreads and/or amazon. You are awesome - it really means a lot!

To celebrate, I'm putting Recreance on sale for 99¢ until next Friday!

And now on to the goodies! This update includes...

  • Meet Obasi - the colossus of a man whose stature is exceeded only by his heart
  • A 100+ Fantasy Book Giveaway, hosted by D.E. Chapman
  • A sweet limited edition collection of Urban and Epic fantasy
  • Fantasy Bookshelf September giveaway
  • A curious adventure to another world...

From Across the Sea...

Artwork by Terese Nielsen

Obasi ya Tanga

Rank: Midblade
Age: Unknown
Origin: Island of Tanga 
Weapon: Greatsword

Standing at a staggering seven feet tall, Obasi ya Tanga is quite possibly the largest warrior the Ko'Jin army has ever seen. Having earned the rank of midblade, this powerful fighter deftly wields his greatsword with crushing strength.

Doing battle alongside allies Anzien, Taybor, Dulari, Sheif, and Pria, Obasi does not think twice about risking his life to protect others. As any who know him will tell you, his overwhelming presence is surpassed by one thing alone: his heart. When he isn't fighting, laughing, or telling stories, Obasi can be found training new recruits, a task well suited for one with his considerable patience. 

While much of his background is a mystery, Obasi has been known to tell stories of the Uchawi, an ancient, revered group of protectors that once watched over his people. He believed their incredible powers to be the stuff of legend, but recent events have left him wondering if there wasn't some truth to the stories.

It is said that Obasi came from across the Aegaeon Ocean - perhaps one day we will hear his story.

Meet Obasi, and his friends in Book Two of the Aeternum Chronicles

Coming January 2018


Book One of the Aeternum Chronicles

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My favorite part

And so once again we come to the end of the update. The part where we bear our souls and answer deep and meaningful fantasy-related questions.

Ready or not...

Wait...what was that? There's a strange warbling in the next room. Let's investigate, shall we?


You have been sucked into an alternate dimension, where a being of translucent light greets you with a glorious tri-toned melody. A soothing voice enters your mind unbidden...

All of the stories you have read are true. Each world exists beyond this portal, from Middle Earth to Westeros. Name one, and you will be granted transport there, where you will live out your days in comfort.

If you could be transported to live in any world from any book you've read, which world would you choose?

 Reply to this email, or click here to let me know!

In the last update, I asked the following:

What's one thing every fantasy book should have?

Here are some of the fun and interesting answers I received:

Dragons, of course! - Ann 

Yes to humor! - Wolfox

and my personal favorite...

A mythological/supernatural creature of some sort (or cats). - Catriona

To which I say, why not both??

That's all for this time, thanks for sticking around, and have a fantastic weekend!


Copyright © 2017 H.G. Chambers, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 H.G. Chambers, All rights reserved.

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