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Spring is finally here, and it feels so wonderful! There’s something about the warm weather and sunshine that instantly uplifts my mood. As I plan to spend plenty of time outside in the yard this spring and summer with my computer writing away, I am working hard on determining how to create a beautiful backyard oasis! Are there any gardeners out there? I may have to call on some expertise as I begin to plant…

Hope of Romance has now been out for two weeks, and I love the reviews that have been coming in about it! It currently has only 4 and 5 star ratings on Amazon, with reviews such as this one…

Ok guys, I'm just jumping off the deep end. If you're looking for romance, suspense, adventure, wit and charm, congratulations my friends you've found it. Ellie once again catapults us back to the regency era with all the drama, heartache and despicable rakes we've come to expect. The characters and scenes are so realistic their mesmerizing and on point. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the characters and their personalities transform and blend. With life like quality and vivid detail we're held captive as the tale unfolds. A word of advice. When you grab your copy, grab a snack, a drink, a comfy seat, kick back and relax. You won't be putting this little gem down until the last word. Fantastic job Ellie. Thanks for sharing

If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time!

In the meantime, I am busy working on the next book in my Happily Ever After series. The first draft is complete, with the second go-around nearly finished! It’s a crazy cycle to produce books, and I’ve found it is extremely important to have a really good schedule in place. There are a few different characters I went back and forth on for this book. I also had a bit of difficulty writing this one, for reasons I will share with you next week. I will also tell you who the hero and heroine are! In the meantime, I would love for you to guess. Head on over to my Facebook page to join the discussion!

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Weekly Reads

When a Marquess Tempts a Lady

By Harriet Deyo

A brooding rogue:
You can only avoid your past for so long… The Marquess of Glenarvon has been running away from himself for years—ever since the woman he once loved betrayed him. He swore never to love again, but everything changes when he meets Catherine…

A well-read vixen:
Fiery Catherine Edmonson has two great pleasures in life: family and books. No man could ever equal the heroes in her favorite novels. Marriage is simply not for her. That is, until she discovers that her sister has a most scandalous secret—one which could put the entire family in peril. Now, Catherine is convinced that a socially advantageous marriage is the only thing that can save her family from ruin...

A scandalous wager:
When an enemy forces Glenarvon into a wager for Catherine’s hand in marriage, he has no choice but to wed the head-strong lady. Passions ignite. But as secrets pile up between the newlyweds, they must find their way to the truth, or else sacrifice what may just be a love for the ages...

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Love's Blossom

By Emily Murdoch

What do you do if love can't blossom?

Abigail Bryant is the youngest of the Bryant tribe, and the most ignored – which is just how she likes it.

Tending her herb garden is the way that she can support the growing town without talking too much to anyone, but the arrival of the new doctor demands a different kind of herb, and she needs seeds.

Enter Laken Weston, a travelling tinker who refuses to put down roots but has the exact seeds that Abigail needs, along with the know-how to get them to grow. Her embarrassment almost overcomes her, but they strike a deal: he stays for the growing season, and he receives free bed and board. And then he leaves.

But affection, like their seeds, finds a warm and welcoming home, and soon love starts to blossom between them. But like any new plant, without God’s face to smile upon it, that growth can wither and die.

Abigail’s fear and Laken’s restlessness threaten to become the weeds that may smother any joy that may thrive between them, and without the support of Sweet Grove and the faith they cling to, they may never see love blossom.

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