Datawrapper launches a better way to keep track of your chart creations.


A better way to keep track of your chart creations

Creating charts is one challenge; organizing them is another one. Especially if you work as part of a team or create multiple charts per week, you need a good overview of your ever-extending chart portfolio. We want you to have this good overview. Starting today, all your private charts and all the charts from your team share one home, in which you can use folders to organize them.

You can find this new overview when you click the known button "Team Charts" or "My Charts" in the upper-right corner (which button you can see depends on if you're part of a team). If you're already logged in, here's a direct link

The two biggest improvements: You can now organize your charts in folders (use it for different departments, languages, workflow steps, etc.). And we added a private folder for Datawrapper users who work within a team: You can work privately on a chart and move it to the team folder only once it's finished. Besides that, we changed the design to the better and added new arrange options:

Click here to read the full announcement on the Datawrapper Blog, where we explain all the changes in detail. If you have any feedback, simply reply to this email or reach us on Twitter at @datawrapper.