Someday Her Duke Will Come -- now available!

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Someday Her Duke Will Come, my new release and the latest Happily Ever After story, is now available!

It's currently only $0.99 on Amazon (always free in Kindle Unlimited!) so now is the time to pick up your next read.

I so hope you enjoy the story of Tillie and Alexander. You met them in The Duke She Wished For, but this is a standalone novel, and can be read without reading the first book in the series.

It will put you in the holiday spirit, and hopefully leave you uplifted with its lovely story.

It has already received many five-star reviews and I want to thank all my readers for your support. I couldn't do it without you!

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Tillie Andrews lives life on her own terms.

She is determined not to give in to the charms of the Duke of Barre, despite the attraction that continues to pull her to him. She wants a life of her own -- one in which she is living her dreams as one of London’s most successful, sought-after dressmakers. Her parents, however, have other plans. They wish to see her wed, and soon, to a boorish man who would stifle all her dreams. Tillie needs time to set her plans into motion, and when she is made the perfect offer from the duke she so wanted to avoid, she cannot refuse.

Alexander Landon, Duke of Barre, wants one thing -- Tillie Andrews.

He must prove to her that he is not the rake she believes him to be. When he sees her across the room at a gala, he presents an offer. He needs protection for his heart when his former love, Eliza Masters, visits his family estate during the Christmas season. Eliza was the fairest of all in Warfield until the arrival of Tillie Andrews, and she is determined to be rid of her once and for all.

She wants a way out. He needs a way in.

Will Alexander’s charade convince Tillie he is everything she ever wanted, or will his deception prove to be their undoing? Can Alexander wake Tillie from her deep sleep to find their happily ever after?

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The Duke She Wished For

Go back to the beginning! If you haven't yet read The Duke She Wished For, buy today on for 99 cents.

He’s a duke who holds honesty above all; she’s a commoner hiding her true identity. Can they find their happily ever after at the masquerade, or will what separates them be too much to overcome when the final chime sounds at midnight?

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Quest of Honor

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She's the daughter of a pirate. He's on a mission to capture the captain. When their worlds collide, can they find a future together?

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