Pangolins need help!

Dear Friends and Supporters, there was a big confiscation last week in Quang Ninh, northern Vietnam where the police caught an ongoing illegal trade with 72 pangolins being forced-fed by traders to increase weights.

Upon getting the news, we reached out immediately to rescue but could not receive the pangolins until 24 hours later due the delays in paper work.  Unfortunately, 38 ones could not wait that long, died before we came to the scene. 

Many of them have injuries that appear to have been sustained during capture from the wild, as hunters use snare traps or cut through the tree branches to get the Pangolin hiding in the hollow. They were all very cold from being wet after lying in urine and faeces, not to mention the stress and psychological trauma they are all suffering. 

You can save a life!

Getting back to our center, these pangolins will be housed in the quarantine facilities for a minimum of 30 days, after which time it is hoped that they will be able to be released back to the wild. However, pangolins have a very special diet and the provision of live ants and ant eggs is very expensive, over $70 per day. Additionally, many of these animals require expensive veterinary medicine and treatments.

You can give help us saving these precious engendered animals today. 

Please donate, share or forward our the information to anyone who cares about pangolins or conservation.  They deserve you help!

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July was a month to remember

We had the best birthday ever!

After three years, we gained a significant number of achievements that we can smile to look back. We also so came to a point that all of our strategies for the next three become crystal clear with five main categoties to be focused. 

We made a video about this. In case you missed it, you can watch the it here. 

We contributed to Sunda Pangolin Regional Action Plan Workshop

We were really proud to joined and contribute a voice in Sunda Pangolin Regional Conservation Planning Workshop taking place in Singapore at the beginning of July. 

Our team joined the diccuss with other conservationists from all over the world, talking about pangolins and plan actions to help protect the Sunda. 

We got trained with IUCN

In order to create an effective campaign, or compose an impressive post to public, we need to know how human brain system work and how to hit it at the right spot. That was the main theme of  “IUCN Asia Strategic Communications for Conservation” training workshop

We joined the workshop in Thailand with more than 40 representatives from NGO working in Asia. The trip was funded by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.

Collaboration is the way for conservation

New quarantine for Pu Mat

On July, we finished building a 12-room quarantine area in Pu Mat National Park, help the rescue center upgrade the current facility to deal with the small mammal rescues. This is just on of our attempts to collaborate with Pu Mat, help them build capacity and carry community-based project together. 

There more we work, the more we realize that the only wat to save pangolins or other endangered species is to work with other NGOs, national parks to develop together a long-term commitment and plans of actions.  As a leading organization in pangolin conservation in Vietnam, we do hope that we will have chance to help and learn from more rescue centers, national parks in the near future. 

Help Cat Tien save a pangolin

Our team is now known for the expertise in pangolin husbandry. That's why Hai - our vet - spent half of his time last month travelling, helping the pangolin rescues in South of Vietnam. 

He not only save a baby pangolin's life in Cat Tien National Park but also help train the staff there, shared his experience with taking care of pangolins from babies to adults. 

As always, it's really costly to save a life. The more animals we rescue, the more help we need.

Please consider support if you can.

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More updates from our rescue center

A leopard cat to stay

We also rescued a beautiful Leopard Cat last month. However, we sadly found out that we can not release him since he lost all of his front left paws and unable to climb or jump easily as a result. 

He will stay in the enclosure area in our Education Center, help us demonstrate the cruelty of hunting using snares and traps. 

Sixteen pangolins to go

Our research team has done attach the new models of radio tracking to two healthy pangolins for testing purpose. If either of the model work out well, we will have 16 pangolins released with the tracking devices. This will help us gain a deeper knowledge about the species habitat, enable us to choose a better release site in future. 

A crowd of volunteers to help

July witnessed a peak in the number of our volunteers who came to give us a hand in taking care of the animals, upgrading the quarantine and sharing some good jokes.

If you are interested in a few week with labor work, fresh air and friendly people, check it out here

Thank you!

Big thanks to everyone involved! Without your kind supports, we could not achieve as much as we did.

From Cuc Phuong with love :)

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