Overwhelmed by a sea of despair

Nicole Colson | America's opioid epidemic is part of a deep and deadly social crisis that is only getting worse--and the roots of both lie in the profit system.

Putting single-payer back on the table

Emma Wilde Botta | With the defeat of the Republicans’ disastrous health care bill, now is the time to renew the fight for real universal health care.

Join Socialist Worker along with more than 1,500 left-wing activists and authors in Chicago for Socialism 2017--a four-day conference to share lessons from history, learn about Marxist theory, discuss current struggles and debate questions for the left.

In defense of the oppressed of all lands

Eugene Debs | In 1910, the American socialist Eugene Debs wrote a letter chastising party members who failed to defend immigrant rights.

Countering 40 Days of anti-choice lies

Ali Mehraban and Claire Douglas | Some 30 pro-choice activists mobilized in defense of abortion rights against a "40 Days for Life" protest in downtown San Diego.

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