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Justin Gordon and Luke Melia at GORUCO 2017

After a month long trip around the United States giving talks on React on Rails, a new MacBook migration, and a bit of family vacation time, I’m finally back in the saddle.

I just posted a blog article on my talks Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story at GORUCO 2017. The article includes links to many photos I took at the various tech meetups. The highlight of my speaking tour was my GORUCO presentation (Youtube and Slides).

My Picks

React on Rails

  • I’m working on the merge of Webpacker Lite into Webpacker. Once that’s done, I’m going to update the documentation on how to migrate from React on Rails v7 to v8+ with Webpacker.

Next Week, I'll update you on what I've shipped for React on Rails as well as my favorite book for startup success.

Please hit reply if my team and I can help your company in any way with mobile or web apps, We specialize in React, and React-Native applications, with or without Rails.

Also, hit reply if you have any questions or requests, including you'd like to know how to do X, you'd like to join our slack room, or you'd like to join our awesome remote-first team.

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