What is this BS?

Hey there friend, 

So you've recently decided to stop getting by with "good enough" (especially in the romantic /financial/ career department) but the first thing you've experienced is closing doors, a handful of rejections, and possibly one or two abrupt desertions from friends/family. And you'll think WTF, I'm trying to upgrade my life, not have everything fall apart!

I get it. This happened to me when I decided to leave my basic office job and pursue a career in advertising because I really wanted to do work I LOVED. I applied at my 3 favorite firms and blitzed through several rounds of interviews, but ultimately got rejected for all three positions. On top of that, I was ending an on again/off again relationship with someone I loved very much, but who had an extravagant and unrestrained affection for alcohol and interns.

I knew I was worthy of better
and it was time to claim it.

But what happened for the first three months was job rejections, dating weirdos, a dwindling savings account, a friend that went MIA because of her own drama, a major creative block, and a cluster-F of closed doors and 'no's'.

I felt like I was occupying a David Lynch-inspired dream space, parked in a corridor between realms.


Can I be honest? It made me question my own judgment.


It confirmed all my worst fears that as soon as I decided to "go big" and swing for the fences that maybe I couldn't pull it off? Or had an overinflated view of what I deserved?


I hung in there with myself and finally figured out why this was occurring:

1. Closing doors and flaky people who bail is the "clean out" that's necessary to create a blank space for a new life. Left to our own accord, we're not great at the clean-out process. The Universe takes over to help.

2. I was trying to create my “new life” from the same mindset in the “old life” that had ushered in all the ill-fitting, never-quiet-right people and situations in the first place. What I needed was to rebuild my life from the ground up.



Long story short: I bypassed improving and went straight to evolving. Get a job in advertising? How about starting my own business in which I can be the Chief Creative Officer, creating a brand from scratch, heading up the social, and fashioning a message that was 100% me?

And what if this advertising idea was the catalyst that allowed me to do the TRUE work of my heart: a soul-based business in self-development and transformation? 


At that moment I decided to take my life back.


I took a year-long dating sabbatical, cleaned up my eating, and started walking every night after work.

Ok. So what if it was through the aisles of Target. I read a TON of books, organized my living space top-to-bottom, moved cities, took art and cooking classes, unsubscribed from bullshit in my newsfeed, started saying the magic words, "No, thank you", journaled my heart out (oooooo yes, we got to some beautiful, tear-stained truths) and what I set out to do -- build a beautiful life - turned into build a beautiful ME.

I stopped striving and, instead, 
exerted myself.

Now, I don't know if you have all the same stuff to clean up as I did (if so, hay girl, hay), but what I can tell you is that it’s worth it.


Get out your calendar right now and schedule three things between now and Sunday that you know are going to make you feel better and back in control. Just do it. (And hit reply, tell me what you're doing).


I love you,



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