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Fei Tian Academy

March 29th, 2017

On March 18, 2017, students went to see a Shen Yun show at the elegant Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. 2017年3月18日,學生們到康州Waterbury優雅的宮殿劇院觀賞神韻晚會。

Dear Parents:

It is nice to see our student return from their Spring Break refreshed. March has been a month of listening and planning for us. We are trying our best to find solutions for parents’ concerns passed down to us from the new PTA and will report to all parents during our next online meeting on April 11
我們高興地迎接回家度春假的學生們返校。3月是我們聆聽和策劃的一個月。我們就家長會轉達的一些問題正在努力尋找解決方案,以便在4月11日的網絡家長會上 向所有家長報告。

Right before the break, we conducted our first online all-student satisfactory survey as well as all-school staff survey under the guidance of our Principal-Elect Dr. Marilyn Torley. We will use the data to create a strategic plan focusing on four overarching components: facilities, academics, communication, and student wellness. These are the same areas that many school districts focus on.
在春假前,我們完成了首次全校學生滿意度調查並在當選校長Marilyn Torley博士的指導下進行了全校員工調查。我們會根據這些調查數據來製定一系列計劃,重點圍繞於設施,學術,溝通和 學生健康成長,這些也恰恰是許多學區重點關注的領域。

We are seeking to build stronger teaching and administrative teams by hiring qualified academic, student services, and dorm personnel. Teachers’ professional development and staff training will be arranged to target our weakness as presented in the survey data.

We are looking forward to seeing improvement in April!

FTAA-Middletown Management Committee

Summer Academy 夏令營

Music students at play. 音樂系學生忙裡偷閒。

Starting July 10, 2017, Fei Tian will hold its first summer programs - Northern Summer Academy. It offers two sessions for students entering Grades 6 through 12. Students participating in Dance, SAT Prep, Chinese, ESL or Visual Art programs will also get a chance to participate in A World Bridge Project. Private music lessons are also available.
從2017年7月10日開始,飛天將舉辦第一季夏令營 - 北方夏令營。為6至12年級的學生提供兩期課程。參加舞蹈,SAT準備,中文,ESL英文或美術科目的學生也將有 機會參加科學項目和音樂課。

For Fei Tian students currently enrolled, the summer academy will offer a 10-15% discount to all programs (some lessons may be excluded). Students shall discuss with department chairs or advisors for summer program selections or special arrangements. We hope to help our students maintain the skills they have learned throughout the year and continue with the projects they started during the regular school year.

Click here for detailed description for our summer academy. 點擊這裡了解我們夏令營的詳細項目和課程。

Dance Summer Specials 舞蹈系夏季特別課

Dear Dance Track Parents 親愛的舞蹈學生家長:

We are excited to offer the Summer Dance Track program to our students! During the summer months, the dance department will offer formal dance courses to our students. Classes offered will include training in areas similar to those of the regular school year, such as Flexibility, Classical Chinese Dance Fundamentals, Chinese Dance Techniques, and Ballet. Additionally, we will also be providing a course not offered during the normal school year, called Stage Oriented Training, which focuses on studio training focused on individual stage performance.

The Summer Dance Track will be offered during both summer sessions, with session 1 taking place July 10 – 29 and session 2 taking place July 31 – August 19. To allow more flexibility in program selection, we are offering two plans for each session, with Plan A taking place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Plan B taking place Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Alternatively, both plans can be selected for a more comprehensive dance training program that spans 6 days a week. Also, students will have the option of selecting individual courses from the packages offered, on a pay-by-course basis, to allow even more flexibility in course selection and scheduling.
夏季舞蹈課程將開設於夏令營期間,第一期7月10日至29日,第2期7月31日至8月19日。為了讓課程選擇更靈活,我們將為每期夏令營提供兩個計劃- 計劃A星期一、三、五和計劃B星期二、四、六,或者同時選擇兩個計劃,即每週6天的更全面的舞蹈訓練計劃。此外,學生也可以任意選擇計劃中的個別課程並單獨付費。

Our own dance track students who register for this program are automatically accepted, but off-campus applicants are accepted on an audition basis.

Small private group lessons are also available in the afternoon by appointment for an even more personalized experience.

Please contact our admissions office for program pricing and registration.

Thank you and we look forward to working with your students during the summer!

Sincerely 真誠的,
--舞蹈系主任Mingye Liu, Dance Department, Chair

Character Development 品德修養

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, some Fei Tian high schoolers posed in front of Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC. They attended a college fair Hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). 3月26日部分高中生在曼哈頓Jacob K. Javits中心前合影。他們參加全美大學錄取諮詢協會(NACAC)在此舉辦的大學博覽會。

Our College Planning Counselor, Dr. Yin, provided a workshop for high schoolers to train students on what information to look for and how to present themselves at the college fair in Manhattan on Sunday, March 26. Hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), this fair is a great opportunity for high school students to learn general knowledge about colleges and make contact with schools they want to apply to.  It’s a necessary first step in getting accustomed to college life.
在高中生們參加3月26日在曼哈頓舉辦的大學博覽會之前,我們的大學規劃顧問Richard Yin博士為他們提供了一次培訓,教他們應該在這個全美大學錄取諮詢協會(NACAC)主辦的展會上尋找什麼信息以及如何將自己展示給這些大學的招生官員。這是高中生了解其想要求申請的大學並與之建立聯繫的一次好機會,也是他們邁向大學生活必經的第一步。

During the training, students learned the college evaluation process, which, according to Dr. Yin, is looking beyond the applicants’ intelligence, knowledge, and skills. Character qualities include integrity, honesty, respectfulness, compassion, grit, resilience, curiosity, creativity, adaptability, a strong work ethic, concern for others, self-confidence, self-motivation, appreciation of beauty and goodness, courage to pursue truth, leadership and initiative, grace under pressure, a willingness to take risks, a sense of social responsibility, and a commitment to service.
在培訓過程中,Dr. Yin介紹了大學評估申請人的過程:大學不只衡量學生的智力、知識和技能方面,更注重人格品質,包括誠信、誠實、尊重、同情、毅力、韌性、好奇心、創造力、適應能力、敬業精神、關心他人、自信、自我激勵、審美觀、善良、領導力、積極主動、自我調節的能力、社會責任感、社會服務精神,以及追求真理和承擔風險的勇氣。

On their bus trip back from the college fair on March 26th, students shared their experience as both fun and educational. “We have learned a lot.” 在他們從大學博覽會回校的巴士上,學生分享了他們的樂趣和體驗,“我們學到了很多東西”。

Dr. Yin believes that the education in moral values that our students receive at Fei Tian will greatly improve their character development and help them to cultivate the qualities that make them competitive among college applicants.
Dr. Yin 認為,飛天的道德價值觀教育將紮實地培養學生們的品德修養,幫助他們在大學申請者中具有競爭力的素質。

“Our Fei Tian graduates will be self-confident but not arrogant, firm but not stubborn, self-disciplined but not timid, poised but not frivolous, decisive but not impetuous, cooperative but not unthinking,” said Dr. Yin.

In preparation for attending the fair, our English teacher trained the students on writing a Thank You note to the representatives they talked to at the fair. After the fair, students are required to submit a Summary to our college counselor about what they learned from the fair.

Dorm News 宿舍新象

On March 17, 2017, as roads were cleaned after a major snow storm, students enjoyed walking on the little vintage town streets of Sugarloaf and Warwick, exploring the many handmade craft stores, and tasting frozen yogurt, chocolate, and hotdogs. 2017年3月17日,大風雪之後道路剛被清理完畢,學生們在Sugarloaf和Warwick小鎮上散步,閒逛種類繁多的手工製作商店,並品嚐凍酸奶、巧克力和熱狗。

Dear Parents of Students Living in the Dormitories 住宿學生及家長:

We are in the process of establishing a new dorm management team under the Office of Student Affairs. The team is headed by Mr. Hugo Peng, a former Chinese lawyer and a Fei Tian parent. Since January, Mr. Peng has been working in our dorm, where he has been tasked with developing dorm management procedures and a life-skill curriculum.
學生事務辦公室下屬的新宿舍管理團隊正在建立之中,由飛天學生家長,原中國律師Hugo Peng先生領導。彭老師自今年1月份一直在宿舍工作,負責制定宿舍管理程序和生活技能課程。

In mid-April, Ms. Tiffany Wu will join the dorm management team as Assistant Director. With a college English teaching background and experience in newspaper and TV reporting in Washington DC, Ms. Wu will contribute to better caretaking and activities for our dorm students.

Life Skills Projects 生活技能項目

In early March we launched Project Wake Up to teach dorm students how to wake up on time and catch the school bus. Student input was collected in a brainstorming session, and a process sheet was discussed and agreed upon by all dorm students. In the first month, most students have learned to wake up on time without an adult’s help. The project is a success.

The second life skill project is Project Lights Out. It teaches students proper bedtime behavior, and makes sure that they get ample sleep time. Under Mr. Peng’s leadership, teachers had two meetings with students. Based on students’ input, the team is preparing procedures to be rolled out Monday April 3. 宿舍管理團隊正在準備在4月3日實行第二個“熄燈”項目教會學生適當的睡前行為,確保他們獲得充足的睡眠時間。在彭老師的領導下,宿舍教師與學生進行了兩次會議,廣泛徵求學生的意見。

The third life skill teaching will be Project Clean Room, which teaches housekeeping, personal hygiene, and other healthy habits.

—學生事務主任Howard Jia, Director of Student Affairs

SAT Prep Class Schedule SAT 預備課程表

SAT prep classes will be held March 28 – May 4. All students who plan to take SAT this year are encouraged to attend.

The schedule is:
English prep: 7– 8 p.m. WED, and 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. SUN
Math prep: 7– 8 p.m. TUES, and 9:45– 10:45 a.m. SUN

Internet Access 互聯網

Our school has recently increased the restriction of Chromebook internet access. In a new policy, all the websites will be blocked except those pre-approved study-related websites. Blocking affects the Chromebook where it may be, and no matter what the type of internet connection may be (for example, home Wi-Fi or a self-created hot-spot). Students can still access those websites approved for study purposes at the Lab during their free study periods.
我們學校最近增加了學校發的電腦Chromebook互聯網的限制。除了預先批准的學習相關網站,所有網站將被禁止。學生不可能用Chromebook通過學校網絡以外的互聯網連接類型上網,無論是自家的Wi-Fi 或熱點。

Parent permission is required for students accessing home internet with their Chromebook. Parents or hosting families can email our IT department and provide their home Wi-Fi passwords which will be added onto the students’ Chromebook.
然而,只要家長許可,學生是可以使用Chromebook在家上網的。家長或寄宿家庭可以向我們的IT部門發送電子郵件,並提供家庭Wi-Fi的密碼,IT部門可以將這些密碼添加到學生的Chromebook上 。

YouTube is temporarily under investigation to see whether or not we can restrict students to seeing only study-related videos. Meanwhile, we are considering lessening access restrictions as a privilege to selected students who have demonstrated self-discipline.  

You may email IT@feitianacademy.org for any technical issues.

2017 Fall Re-Enrollment 2017 秋季重新註冊

Early in April, current Fei Tian parents may soon receive invitations for re-enrollment in the Fall. We encourage families to take advantage of Early Enrollment Discount (Deadline: 6/30/17 for returning students only).
四月初,你很快就會收到秋季重新入學的邀請函。我們鼓勵家庭利用早期報名優惠(截止日期:6/30/17僅限目前的飛天學生)Options include選項包括:

Annual Plan: $1,000 credit may be applied to a FULL payment of annual tuition
年度計劃:全額支付每年學費可獲$ 1,000減免

Semester Plan: $500 credit may be applied to a HALF payment of annual tuition
學期計劃:支付半年學費可獲得$ 500

Monthly Plan: $200 credit may be applied to the first payment of two months tuition
每月計劃:支付兩個月學費押金可獲$ 200減免

The school will soon send out the 2017-2018 Parent-Student Handbook, and enrollment policies and fees as well as hold a Q & A session during our online parent meeting at 9 p.m. (EDT) on Tuesday, April 11.
學校將很快發出“2017 - 2018年家長學生手冊”、新入學政策和費用,並於4月11日星期二晚9時(美東時間)在線家長會議期間問答相關問題。

Parenting 為人父母

Knowing Your Kids 瞭解您的孩子

Part 3. The 8th Graders第三部份. 八年級生

Knowing a child’s different developmental stages helps in parenting as well as working with the school to realize the child’s educational goals.

Read what you can expect to see in a 13 to 14 year old girl or boy »
點此處閱讀一個13至14歲的女孩或男孩應該有什麼樣的表現 »

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