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July is here along with our regular #StayWolf newsletter. We are forwarding it this month a bit later, as we had our hands full with organising a Remote Workers community Meetup, making some improvements on the apartments and communal areas of the Wolfhouse in Los Gigantes (check out Wolfhouse® Preview Album on Facebook) and focusing fully on our customers. Recently we put together probably the longest blog article up to date, answering a question What are Team Retreats & 8 Reasons You Should Organise One and are trying to publish more on Wolfhouse LinkedIn page - follow appreciated.

Do you know a company or startup, that could benefit from a Team Retreat at the Wolfhouse? Recommend us and get a commision (10%) from their booking.

This month we are hosting 2 teams and 2 bigger events. So we are heading back to work & you can enjoy the latest selection below.

#StayWolf and have a great summer!

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#StayWolf Newsletter - July 17'

5* Review of the Month
By Kadda Rina attending Remote Workers Meetup at the Wolfhouse.

#StayWolf Quote of the Month
'The wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.' #stayhungrywolf

Goals & Milestones.
We have hosted >100 people at the Wolfhouse, since the start. We have reached >3,300 followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined. Thank you!

Customer Pic of the Month.
'Chillin in this beautiful vila in #Tenerife, which happens to be #coliving space @the_Wolfhouse'.
#travelstoke #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel

What's up on Blog?

Remote Workers Meetup (01/07/2017)

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Company retreats, workations, co-working retreats, work and play holidays, team buildings offsites, coworkations or simply team retreats, as we call it at the Wolfhouse, are a popular way to ignite your team members passion, productivity and creativity. Many experts claim, that organising a team retreat, is one of the best investments you can make in your organisation nowadays..

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Team Retreat of TeskaLabs started..

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