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We are half way through the summer and already left behind a joyous Midsummer, a game changer No Mind and a purposeful European Ecovillage Conference. What a pleasure to having welcomed thousands, who have gathered to create both an individual and a collective transformation.

The good news is, it doesn't end here! The second half is calling us first to restore our minds, bodies and souls and to get grounded with the Sweden's biggest Yoga Festival and then to let our life energy flow while embracing all sides of ourselves and be part of the Love Revolution during Tantra Festival.

Let's celebrate the beauties we have! Let the beauty we love be what we do!

Welcome to relax, restore and retreat during the Sweden's biggest Yoga Festival – The festival program schedule is now online! 

Come and enjoy experienced teachers, uplifting music, delicious vegetarian food and beautiful Swedish nature. Connect with your body’s own intelligence, discover new ways of finding optimal alignment and enhance your natural fitness and life energy.

The festival in known for its warm and soulful community spirit, and has a rich program also for youth and children.

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“Once Tantra touches our soul, an overflow of love allows us to become part of Love’s revolution – reaching out into the world.”
– Lin Holmquist/ Tantra Festival Coordinator

The Tantra wave is growing fast, not only in Sweden but all over the world. Bringing expansion and wholeness, Tantra can be an amazing tool for healing and experiencing deeper love and peace in your everyday life.

A purpose this year is to allow the amazing experiences of the festival to spread out into the world. We can all be the Revolution of Love we are longing for!

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Deepening Courses After Tantra Festival

Tantra Heart Immersion with Kobi

7-10 August


How can we use our Life Force energy to generate more love in our lives? How can we heal the split between sexuality and love? How can tantra help us to bring more love into our lives?

In this weekend, in beautiful nature, we will create a safe space for healing the split between sex and love, falling in love with ourselves, discovering how to receive more love and discovering the secrets to manifesting love in our relationship and communities.

More about the Course

ISTA Level 1 & Level 2

8-14 August / 15-21 August


Spiritual…Sexual….Shamanic …each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy. Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community and in service as love in the world.

This powerful training is a training for life and love and is for EVERYONE, practitioners, would-be practitioners and anyone who desires to take their personal empowerment to another level and to deepen their abilities of Self Mastery.

The 2nd level of the training starts straight after the first level for those who want to deepens their experience and gain hands on practices.

More about the Course

No Mind Festival Photo Gallery

We left an another amazing and transformative week of No Mind behind... Thank you for everyone for the willingness to go deep Into Unity! It was felt already in the Opening ceremony and from there we experienced an abundant and intense week, of opening our hearts and minds, and allowing what is true - for each of us as well as for us collectively. We look forward to continue the journey of No Mind next summer and hope that we will see you again then, if not before!

Check out the photo gallery to see the best instants from the festival, to remember good memories and smile!

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The No Mind Peace sign is a gift to Ängsbacka from photographer Filip Cederholm, founder of ABC Charity, the exhibition presented during the festival in the Upper Barn entrance.

Vagabond Filip travels the world together with his "heartner", Fia Garvner, creating the first ever human alphabet shot from above (aerial) with thousands of children, the letters are sold as photo art and 100% of the revenue goes to charities supporting children's education and wellbeing. Filip and Fia aims to use their creativity to contribute in all ways possible to elevate people, communities and organisations around the world – as a result, the Peace Sign we all created together during No Mind is part of this vision, showing us how we can manifest a beautiful impact when we get together, as one.

Filip and Fia says "We hope that everyone in the Peace Sign will buy a poster as a memory of the No Mind Festival 2017, and as a reminder of what we can create when we get together, as one. We have donated the Peace Sign picture to Ängsbacka as a gift - all the money from the sales of the posters will support the development of the Ängsbacka initiative. We are honored to be able to contribute in the way that we can".

Lots of love, peace and understanding,

Filip & Fia

Want to support Ängsbacka so that we can go on co-creating?

Order a Peace Sign Poster!

Upcoming events

The Gift of Womanhood 

Relax and Enjoy Inner Peace

1-9 September

Tantric Dating Masterclass

John Cooper & Lin Holmquist

14-17 Sept

Conscious Parenting Festival

More info is coming

20-24 Sept
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Call for Application to EVS Program!

Would you like to live in Ängsbacka for 6 or 11 months?

We are looking for a new group of European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers in early 2018. This is an opportunity for you to help creating a world with more harmony, more wellbeing and more sustainability!

We welcome you, a motivated young European citizen (non-Swedish) aged between 18 and 30, to come live and work with us for 6 or 11 months. Your travel and living costs will be entirely covered, and you will receive pocket money.

Don’t wait! If you have an interest in vegetarian & vegan cooking and/or organic gardening, if you enjoy living in community, meeting new cultures and living from the heart…

…then all of us at Ängsbacka would love to hear from you!
Application dealine 15th of August! Please send us your CV and motivation letter.

More information: or contact Liina Järviste at

More information about the EVS program:

Volunteer positions & Job vacancies

Ängsbacka is offering a meaningful working environment with a warm community and daily opportunities to grow as an individual.

We have job vacancies for Kitchen Manager and Event coordinator, starting from August or autumn. We also have several special volunteer positions for the following roles: Marketing assistant (copy & webdesign), General manager assistant, Event coordinator assistant, Finance trainee, Kitchen coordinator, and IT (CiviCRM or FileMaker).

And maybe you see that you have skills that we might need – even if we don’t know it yet. Don’t hesitate to write to and introduce yourself and how you want to contribute!

Special Volunteer Roles
Job Vacancies

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