The strike that challenged a giant and won

Interview | On the anniversary of their strike at Verizon, two workers discuss the importance of their victory and the lessons it holds for organizing in the Trump era.

Trump takes aim at libraries

Akunna Eneh | Donald Trump's "America First" budget puts working-class communities last--with drastic cuts to library funding.

Join Socialist Worker along with more than 1,500 left-wing activists and authors in Chicago for Socialism 2017--a four-day conference to share lessons from history, learn about Marxist theory, discuss current struggles and debate questions for the left.

Horrified by Trump and Assad

Campaign for Peace and Democracy statement | We condemn the relentless, cruel attacks of the Assad regime, but we also condemn U.S. bombing and military forces in Syria.

OSU fights to "Boot the Braids"

Rachel Reiser | Student activists at Ohio State University are linking arms with farmworkers to demand Wendy's pay fair wages.

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We'll fight to stop the deportations

Luisa G. | A community forum in Queens brought people together to discuss forming a network to defend immigrants in the neighborhood.

Socialist Worker is marking the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution with a yearlong series of articles outlining the course and consequences of the revolution. The latest article: "How workers' power was organized."

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