LT-PL CooPlatform Newsletter 31/10/2017

LT – PL cooperation platform supporting newly established business and promoting entrepreneurship LT-PL-1R-048

Why support is important for young enterpreneurs

Wrong form of running a business, omitting issues related to contracts and signing them between partners or grouping inappropriate expenditures into operating costs or inadequate VAT rates – these are just a few examples of the most common accounting mistakes made by young entrepreneurs.

In order to limit them, Science & Technology Park in Suwałki has started a Startup support program, based on providing legal and accounting services to increase chances to eliminate these mistakes.

The offered services can be used by participants of the LT-PL CooPlatform project, implemented by Science & Technology Park Poland-East in Suwalki, as well as other entrepreneurs, who declare their willingness to use this form of support.

Meetings with entrepreneurs are held In Suwałki, according to the individual needs identified during the telephone or face to face conversation. Entrepreneurs, who are under the age of 35, can take part in. Provided services include: issues relating to establishing the company, making commercial contracts, running business or tax matters.

Thanks to this offer, Startups will have the opportunity to limit the most common legal and accounting mistakes, such as:

  • Inadequate form of business activity in relation to its size,
  • Omitting the need of entering into a contracts in written form or signing documentation without the legal analysis,
  • No rights and obligations specified in the agreement between the company’s shareholders,
  • Mistakes leading to taking over control of the company by investor,
  • Lack of confidentiality safeguards agreements,
  • Lack of protection of the company’s intellectual property and copyrights,
  • Incomplete or no data protection policy,
  • No legal advice on employment contracts,
  • Lack of flexibility in the long-term contracts in the initial phase of business (e.g. leaving option),
  • Mistakes resulting from unassisted bookkeeping,
  • Incorporating undue expenses into running costs and non-recognizing the included ones,
  • Refraining from using the support of tax advisor and lack of knowledge about the possibilities of submitting for the individual tax interpretations,

Lack of knowledge in regulatory changes.

Business Forum in Suwalki

Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwalki are honored to invite you Borderline Business Forum. Food Industry Life is a slogan of second edition of this event
which will be dedicated to agri-food industry.
Forum will take place on 9th  – 10th November 2017  in Science and Technology Park in Suwalki Innowacyjna Street 1.
We invite you to browse through the agenda and to register at
and to participate in the event.


Science and Technology Park Poland-East  in Suwalki in the cooperation with the Suwalki City Office organises the second edition of the Borderline Business Forum under the name of „Food Industry Life”, to be held from 9-10 November 2017 in Suwalki.

The purpose of the event  is to bring together representatives of business supporting institutions, local government officials, entrepreneurs and experts, to discuss about the problems in the region’s leading agro-food industry.

The side event of the Forum will be free exhibitors’ fairs, during which the offer of manufacturers and producers from aforementioned industry and related industries will be presented. In addition, in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network centers, the trade fair formula has been extended with international B2B meetings on 10 November. We invited businessmen from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. Assumed number of participants – 250.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship and Podlasie province governor are the honourable patronage of Forum, while University of Bialystok are scientific patronage. After the conference a peer-reviewed science publication will be published.

During the 4th Eastern Economic Congress that took place in Bialystok on 27-28 September, Science and Technology Park representative Mariusz Szmidt took part in the discussion panel in which he promoted LT-PL CooPlatform.

In the debate regarding the startups in Eastern Poland following topics were mentioned:

  • Starting platforms as tools of comprehensive support and development of young companies in Eastern Poland,
  • Mentoring, coaching and other specialized services vs. the startups needs,
  • Ecosystem friendly to startups – mission of self-goverments, universities, chambers.

Issues of supporting and developing business in relation to the international cross-border cooperation are an important factor of international relations. Organizators of the conference point out that we should strengthen what connects us in business and skillfully shape the relations in an unstable and unpredictable environment

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LT – PL cooperation platform supporting newly established business and promoting entrepreneurship LT-PL-1R-048