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When I (Meenu!) graduated from highschool, I had a checklist of all the things I wanted to accomplish. One by one, my dreams came true: I had my own condo, a happening social circle, top marks in school, and a well-paying job. My achievements were celebrated by those around me and I knew I should be proud. Yet, when I reflected on my happiness and fulfillment, I felt empty.

What had I missed? How could I achieve so much and still feel dissatisfied? These questions marked the beginning of my inward journey.

After much study and self-reflection, I understood we belong to two worlds: our outer world and inner world (Atman). In our busy external lives, the inner world is often ignored. It's why we see people who seem to have everything (outward rich) struggle with mental illness (inward poor).

An education, career, and earning money are a necessary part of our outer gains, but for inner gains we need to focus on our thoughts, values, and virtues. To be truly happy, put effort into achieving success in both.

Now let's start nourishing your inner world

~ Avoid attaching happiness to outward gains. When money, status, and relationships are used to jump-start happiness, you'll be at the whim of outside circumstances.

~ Generate happiness by living according to your values. What is your definition of inner richness? Once you know, align your actions to create your own happiness!

~ Feed your soul with joyful music, positive videos, and uplifting people. There's so much negativity out there; create the kind of soil that grows happy thoughts.

Keep on shining you beautiful Atman! 




I am REALLY looking forward to starting this circle! Sign up to learn how Atman-shakti (soul-power) can fuel a fulfilling and stress-free life from the inside out.

Each class offers guided wisdom, opportunities to share in the company of  like-minded souls, plus practices and meditations you can do at home.

Don't put off your inner peace, power and positivity a moment longer! 

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