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The search to find a place of love and belonging takes an unexpected turn when these men and women find themselves thrust into impossible situations. With all the barriers between them, can they overcome the inconceivable and find love forever, or will it be captured in a brief moment in time?

Love for All Times Trilogy

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A little bit of something for everyone this week! Link through to the Amazon page to check out reviews and "look inside" to see what you might enjoy. 

A Rogue for a Lady

By Rose Pearson

Introducing “A Rogue for a Lady” - The First Standalone story in the Duke’s Daughter’s Series.

Amelia Seaworth, eldest daughter of the Duke of Westbrook, has always been the responsible one, always caring for her sisters and for their father since their mother passed away some years ago.

When her father confides in her that he is not altogether well and, therefore, wishes each of his daughters to marry very soon, Amelia responds with her usual gravitas, knowing she must be the first one to find herself a suitable husband.

Unfortunately, the one man Amelia finds herself drawn to, while dashingly handsome, is also arrogant and distant with a seemingly less than perfect reputation. However, no matter how hard she tries, she simply cannot stop her growing affections for Lord Northfell, even though he constantly confuses her. And somehow she cannot help the feeling that he is keeping something from her.

Love grows yet whispered secrets threaten to separate them. A scheming cousin, blackmail and family responsibilities push Amelia into a spiral of confusion and a sense of betrayal. When all is finally revealed, she must decide what to do with the man who holds her heart – and choose whether love can forget the sins and mistakes of the past.

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The Real You

By RM Alexander

Now nominated for a 2017 Reader's Choice Award!

A lethal game of chess targets Hollywood and true love...

Still reeling from her recent divorce, Paige Reed wants nothing more than to forget the past and start over. Encountering a sexy stranger behind the scenes of a location shoot near her home turns out to be both enticing and exciting. 

Kellen Richards is always in his brother's shadow. Being the brother of America's sexiest heartthrob isn't always easy. And when he meets the intriguing and irresistible Paige, he'll do anything to keep her by his side. But after a seemingly tragic accident turns out to be far from accidental, Kellen vows to protect her from anything that threatens their relationship. Paige isn't convinced their love can withstand the pressures and dangers of Hollywood. Can Kellen prove that behind the glitz and glory of fame and fortune lies a chance at forever?

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Her Haunted Knight

By Stella Marie Alden

"Are you sure that all you want is kissing, angel?"

"Mayhap, I would like a little more of what yer doing now."

"To do it right, I'll need to remove your tunic. Do I have your permission?"

Hugh Le Despencer
... returns home expecting to collect on the king's debt. Instead, his caravan is attacked by Scots. Then in the woods, a beautiful young healer shares her skills and he offers her protection back to the priory. By God's blood, how was he to know she'd drive him mad with her wild antics and innocent seduction?

Lay-sister Mary Rose about to be burned at the stake for murder as she hides in a caravan led by a devastatingly handsome foreigner. He seems like a gift from God until she finds out he's going to kill her kin and take their castle. What can she possibly do to stop him?

Beware of heated love scenes but no cheating, no cliff-hangers, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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