How I Landed My First Remote Job With 0 Experience

3 Steps That You Can Implement Now!

(Working from a beautiful hotel in Morocco. Loved that place!)

It's no secret... before I got my remote job I had absolutely 0 experience in email marketing but somehow I landed a job with a Saas email marketing company. Hmm.. how did I do that? I want to show you so you can do it too!

Spin your non-related experience to work in your favor.

So in my case, I had no experience in email marketing or working for a tech company. Somehow I mentioned online health coaching, being a captain of my Division I softball team, bartending, and voila! I got the job. Here's how I did it. 

1. I saw that the word team and the value of team work was alllll over their website. So the first thing I highlighted on my application was TEAM PLAYER. I explained how I work towards the common good of the team, I can lead (I was a captain of 20+ other girls), and I understand team dynamics enough to follow when I need to. Next up- bartending.

2. I saw that the job listing really focused on the personality of a customer service representative. The company wanted to hire someone who truly cared about their customers and could handle when they were unhappy. So the second thing I highlighted was that I was a current bartender. I spoke about my face to face customer service strengths and my demeanor for making customers feel right at home. I promised that if I could calm down an angry drunk, I could make customers feel appreciated when something didn't go their way. Finally- online health coaching.

3. Now, I know this really has nothing to do with working for a tech company but in my mind, I had something to highlight here. I had real experience working remotely (and I didn't even know it haha). I sent messages, hosted video calls, made phone calls, and input data online for my health business that I was running on the side. Sure it had nothing to do with email marketing, but it counted! Why? I made sure to speak about how I can truly work virtually just like I do in person. My positivity shines through each message I send. I'm used to doing video calls and handling technological issues. I can stay on task while working from home, or anywhere for that matter. That's what the company wanted to hear.


BOOM. I landed the interview. You can do it too! Use these steps when you apply for your next remote job opportunity.

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