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New and existing subscribers find exciting changes in eDIGEST by  TeamEarthSavers can best serve Mission1-2-3, locally and globally 'Saving The Earth One Bite & One Byte at a Time!'

BooVegan Halloween Dinners

TryVegan Buffet (Oct27) and GoVegan Potluck (Oct28) are costume-optional - fun, creativity and IRMA stress relief  w. judged Costume Contest Prizes.   To Costume or Not To Costume:

a) I’m too busy to buy or invent one  

b) Costumes are too elaborate - too expensive   

c) ‘Fun’ is not in my vocabulary   

d) I’m a voyeur - I’ll enjoy your costume   

e)  Automatic +2 White Vegan Rewards Tickets!

f) How do I make a vegtastic BooVegan Costume?   

g) Free Costume Design Support by Artist, Linda B ! 

h) Will VeganMan wear his tacky wacky white wig?

i) Mingling with lifesize Veggies, Fruits or BooVegan characters is SCARY - no thanks

k) Can I be a BooVegan Costume Contest Judge?

Learn More About BooVegan Halloween

2 October Public Vegan Dinners

RSVP a.s.a.p. Chef Brook needs a headcount!

Mark Your Calendar, RSVP to Chef Brook or Register on Eventbrite 

TryVegan FAQs
Learn More About GoVegan
Download 'Healthy Vegan Ingredient Guidelines'


Earn free WHITE Vegan Rewards Tickets with Positive Actions                                                         • Bring New Guest =1Tic per  • Be EarlyBird =1Tic • ShowUp =1Tic  • Supersizer =2Tics

Earn BLUE CashRaffle $Tickets by Donating $5- $10- $15 or $20 to 501C3 EarthSave           

  • $5 = 1Tic    • $10 = 3Tics   • $15 = 5Tics   • $20 = 7Tics 

Vegtastic Open Mics

Performing, Fine and Creative Arts with vegan themes or by vegans, educate and entertain

That's Edu-tainment !

Share your talents, values, artistry or enjoy others:

*Public Essay Reader   *Music   *Song   *Storytelling   *Theatrical Skit   *Testimonial   *Demonstration   *Dance   *Food Art   *Activist Project   *Crafts   *Photo-Video ...

'One Bite at a Time' APRON on sale

By popular demand, Apron For Sale at TryVegan and GoVegan Dinners. Sturdy, comfortable, dark green, fits all. $20 cash. 

N*E*W YouTube 'EarthSave Florida' Channel

Instead of TV - watch EarthSave lectures, food demos, Vegtastic Open Mic performances, Live FB broadcasts.    Subscribe, Share, Comment.   See Playlist.

It's time to JUMPSTART

Anytime, any duration - immersion in PlantPure Culinary Philosophy by T. Colin, Kim and Ken Campbell.  Guided online program with FREE recipes, videos, support.  1,000's enjoy a Healthy Vegan Diet, weight loss, no meds, improved labs. Do 10 days, 21 days or forever.  Your Kitchen or Theirs.  See testimonials c/p EarthSavePOD

Welcome Declaration

Everyone's welcome at EarthSave Public Dinners

Carnivores, Herbivores, Eaters Anonymous. Walk-in guest, Facebook, Meatup... errrr, Eventbrite, Regulars:  We'll tempt you with non-violent, nutritious, sustainable plant-based food, plus smart Vegan Logic, and a dash of Vegtastic Edu-tainment!  We need your voluntary attendance-attention-referrals so we don't shame or blame (Vegan Police are always on vacation). You demand proof and a positive experience to adopt Vegan Values so we aim for 100% satisfaction. If our event falls short... LET US KNOW.  If the food isn't Yummy - don't go for a Whopper or Big Mac... TELL US SO.  EarthSave convinces U 2 TryVegan / GoVegan 

Volunteer Power

Hospitality Home Host__ Hospitality Transporter__

Registrar__ Techie__ Ticket Seller__ Monitor__ CleanUpper__  SetUpper__ at GoVegan Potluck 

Chef Assistant__ Food Servers__ Ticket Seller__ SetUpper__ Registrar__  CleanUpper__at TryVegan Free Buffet 

Instagram, Co-manager__ Twitter, Co-manager __ Pinterest, Co-manager__ 

Video Editor__  Translator, Spanish or Creole__

Outreach Ambassador (Re-post, Share, Like, Join, Attend, Invite__

Vegtastic Performer at Open Mic__ | 786-708-1028

Volunteerism is Activism, educating and motivating the Public!

PlantPure FAQs

Watch 'PlantPure NATION' Documentary

EarthSavers only viewed 1/2 of this film at IRMA Recovery Nites - see FULL award-winning documentary about three people on a quest, starring: Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard.  96mins.   Amazon from2.99    Vudu from2.99     youtube from3.99 from3.99    itunes from4.99  

501C3 EarthSave $Partners

Partners offer socially-responsible goods and services, committed to ethical veganism. 501C3 EarthSave benefits when you use Referral Codes for:

Holistic Holiday at Sea | Hippocrates Health Institute

PlantPure Nation Food and Educational Materials

Learn More about PlantPure Jumpstart Challenge
Learn More about Holistic Holiday at Sea
Learn More about Hippocrates Health Institute
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