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As a little inspiration for 2017: I recently met a teacher setting up a makerspace to facilitate STEAM learning. He came to Reverse Garbage Qld to order a box of reuse materials. It was exciting to hear from him that a group of educators are asking the question:

"Why are the arts and sciences taught separately?"

These educators are consciously fusing art and design with the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths skills, changing STEM to STEAM.

It's less of a leap for early childhood educators who already embed craft and creativity in their programs, and it's in sync with what we do at Reverse Garbage Qld. But I'm excited to explore STEAM ideas on creative reuse and sustainability. 

So my first STEAM project is a DIY light box made from reuse materials. I've also highlighted the RGQ workshops and mail order offerings that consciously fuse the creative arts and sciences.

Mary on behalf of the RGQ Education team


You will need:

  • a string of fairy lights*
  • a box
  • a semi-transparent lid
  • a range of transparent, semi-transparent and opaque objects to illuminate.

We adapted this idea from pinterest, using what we could find in the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse... offcuts of frosted perspex for the lid!

Then we played with salvaged coloured light gels, transparent plastic (easy to cut into shapes), transparent and opaque "dots and spots", film strips and more. It was fun!

It's adaptable for all ages too: play with transparency, shadows and patterns, illuminate specimens, trace designs, or take it further to create a photo series or stop-motion animation.

To order some of the materials pictured, contact us at mailorder@reversegarbageqld.com.au with your postcode for a quote.

*Note to facilitators: some fairy lights will not be strong enough to create the light box effect - test them first and remember to dim the lights to add to the effect!

STEAM inspired Workshops

Reverse Garbage Queensland workshops fuse the arts and sciences by investigating the properties and creative potential of repurposed resources

Examples of workshops with a specific STEAM focus:

  • Properties of Materials (Make a Wind Chime)
  • What things are made of (Making a Space Robot)
  • Boat Making
  • Natural Cycles of Life Diorama
  • Natural and Processed Materials

These workshops are from the Pre-Prep and Primary catalogue, but all our workshops have an element of creative fusion and explore the properties of our interesting materials. 

Book now for 2017!

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You can also call us on 3891 9744 or email workshops@reversegarbageqld.com.au to speak with our friendly Workshops Coordinator, Mercedes.

STEAM inspired Resources

Design your own robot, identify where materials have come from (natural sources or man-made?), practise your hammering skills, combine and construct discarded resources in new and novel ways.

Our Mail Order Service can deliver you an inspiring range of our latest reuse materials, hand-picked for your age group and activity.

Order a box here!


Benefits of Reuse Materials

Access affordable, bulk art materials that allow your group to see what is being manufactured and discarded in Brisbane, connecting materials and sustainability with arts and science education.

Early learning:

  • stimulate creative play and curiosity with loose parts
  • explore identity and cultural differences
  • foster respect for the environment and
  • incorporate sustainability into your art program

 Primary and Secondary School:

  • embed sustainability into learning areas with upcycled materials 
  • facilitate creativity and hands-on making within both the arts and sciences
  • experiment with creative mapping of ideas, modelling and construction 
  • access low-cost bulk materials for makerspaces

Professional Development: Eco-Art for Early Childhood Educators

Our next PD workshop is coming up soon on 18 February, 10am to 12pm. 

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