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Why and how to develop self-discipline

Self-discipline is one of the most important qualities to develop on the Spiritual path. It is certainly no coincidence that the words disciple and discipline sound so similar. They originate from the same root. Discipulus, in Latin, means student - and discere means to learn.

It is only when the student begins to learn to discipline his and her forces, that true Spiritual growth and self-mastery may be attained.

So long as we don’t learn to control the invisible forces within us, we cannot hope to steer and direct our visible life.

Until we decide to develop self-discipline, we are basically thrown hither and yon by the inner currents of desire and by the outer currents of temptation. In other words, we are the victim of desire and confusion and not the captain of our ship.

Self-discipline enables us to direct our forces and thus take control of our life.

With this understanding in mind, how may we develop self-discipline?

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Spiritual Growth Tip

Service is the law of life. Service, by definition, is the radiation of our Divine Self. When we serve one another, we channel the energies that flow through us out into the world.

However, when we just „serve“ ourselves, when everything we do is motivated by personal gain, then what we are doing is trying to channel all the energy towards us. In other words: we contract our Divine Self.

Yet, when we serve others, when we use our energies to help one another, we radiate our Divine Self. Service is the radiation of our Divine Self.

Let‘s radiate our Divine Self today. Let me know how it goes.

Coaching Services
Coaching Service: Soul Powers! 10 Steps to Awaken your Sleeping Potential into Active Service!

Our current evolutionary goal as a human family is to advance into a Soul-conscious species and manifest the Soul on Earth. To accomplish this, among others, we need to manifest the qualities of the Soul in our thinking, feeling and acting life. 

Now, these so-called Soul qualities are higher Soul energies that have the power to propel us forward on the arc of evolution. In colloquial language we call these evolutionary energies virtues. A virtue, by definition, is a Soul energy and a SOUL POWER that enables us manifest our Soul here on Earth, in our daily life. 

A virtue is an EVOLUTIONARY energy that helps to EVOLVE. In Soul Powers! 10 Steps to Awaken the Sleeping Potential into Active Power you learn how to wield the powers of the Soul for an evolutionary purpose.

Coaching Service: 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi

The 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. 

To become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we have to take specific initiatives.

In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi we look at 12 of these specific initiatives that we all have to take to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness so we may silently but decisively launch the Age of the Soul. 


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