Aight, so there's a new season of everything coming: new tv series, new seasons of old tv series, new albums from old artists, new albums from new artists–everything new. And we're here ready to digest it all. First up is a new Flacko season with A$ap Rocky releasing new videos and new tracks for his upcoming album. The quality has been so-so up til' this point but his twist of Moby's old hit is showing that Flack quality.

Thanks for wanting to hear something you (perhaps) hadn't heard til' now. Let's go!

A$ap Rocky


So it's the new Flacko track. It's based on Moby's old hit Porcelain. Rocky has a great new verse on top of the updated beat.

Listen to A$ap Forever or watch the (great) official video.

Video: A$ap Rocky - A$ap Forever

Rich Homie Quan


I wrote about Rich Homie the other newsletter. His new album is making waves and I've kept on listening to it. A lot of good tracks and verses, with this golden track that I just couldn't not feature. Great verses and smooth chorus:

I lost my freedom and grandma the same year //
I got back out, made a million the same year // 
My record like that gun, boy that pistol clean //
Can’t mix feelings wit yo business, ain’t no in between //

Listen to Same Year.

Denzel Curry


Oh me, oh my. This is the hardest going track I've featured on Franklins yet. All-in Denzel shows why he's got the energy and ambition to reach the top.

Pockets to big they sumo is a cheap line but works.

Listen to Sumo.

Jay Prince


Can't all be all-in-bangers - this is another type of all-in track where Jay Prince shows off the smoothest type of hip hop combined with inspirational flow. Perfect for the weekend with this feel-good hype.

Listen to In The Morning.

Saba (ft. Chance The Rapper)


Let's take it down a notch. Saba has been around for a while but haven't "blown up", yet. Grown up in rowdy Chicago but still doesn't produce/rap like the Chicago drill scene. He's leaning closer to the Chance The Rapper sound (who's featured).

Saba has great potential as a musician and producer and this new project of his shows steps towards that perfect sound.

Listen to LOGOUT.

MC Fioti + 4


This track blew up in the house-scene and has been widely remixed in all type of genres. So it was just a matter of time that a decent hip hop remix was due. And we've been blessed with a Future verse on this epic instrumental.

Listen to Bum Bum Tam Tam.

Tyler, The Creator


Aight, so another hard-going track: a "loosie" from Tyler, The Creator. It has the same sub-bass that SUMO has. That sub-bass is a huge thing amongst the really young and up-and-coming-rappers (Smokepurpp, Lil Peep, etc) that has misused with too much distortion. In SUMO and this track, we can hear how that distorted sound should be used to give the hard-going feeling.

What's up with the CAPS of these new tracks: OKRA, SUMO, LOGOUT etc...? Anyhow.

Listen to OKRA.

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